Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life is Good

Sorry I have not blogged recently. We have been busy because:
a. Bella-an active, curious, toddler
b. Andrew-in the throws of college application
c. I am Mom to four children trying to make sure I don't forget anyone anywhere
d. Putting house on the market-dream house is for sale so should we go for it?
e. all of the above


So much going on in the house. Bella is truly a blessing. She is amazing and wonderful and tiring and (have I said) awesome! She is every bit of two. She can be naughty, and fresh, and head strong.... she is a delight. Every bit of her. Her language is taking off. She says things like "oh my goodness," "Bella-do," "Phone is ringing...I'll get it." "I want to watch veggie tales." She runs (actually is really fast) and climbs onto everything (loves being on the counter while I do dishes or make dinner). The absolute cutest thing that she is doing right now is...when she goes for a walk with Eliza or is being put down to bed...she will go through a list of things we need to do...kisses, noses (Eskimo kisses), hugs, high five, and then knuckle touch. I just think she is deliciously sweet. When she is rough with Zach and ends up in time out....a second later she will say.."I sowwy, I sowwy, I sowwy, Zach" I guess what I am saying is she is everything and more than we could have ever asked for or wanted.

Her eating is crummy. Both what she eats and how much. She is a peanut. Her weight is fine although since being home it she has lost weight. She eats sometimes but never consistently. We are getting a bit more structured about her mealtime. She is not on the height charts. because of this...she is on a multi vitamin and multi mineral. They are the only thing I can guarantee she will eat (oh yeah...marshmallows, too).

Her sleeping is crummy. She goes down for a nap and at night beautifully. She wakes and comes into bed with us 9 out of 10 nights. She does not sleep well. We do not sleep well but....snuggles in and makes sure we are there (she rubs Jason's beard to make sure it's him-not sure who else she is expecting), we will be tired but we will be there...and one day she will stay in her bed.

She is prone to being overwhelmed and overstimulated. When that happens there is a frenetic quality to her behavior. We have gone to church with her two times. We have left before church started. We are very low key with her. Don't have her signed up for much more than a mommy and me music class-which we will take a break from during flu season. We keep her on somewhat of a rigid schedule.

She loves her brothers and sisters. She just squeals when they get home. The one that takes me most by surprise is Andrew. She shares Andrew's love of music. They sing together about everything. I mean everything. If I can download a ditty they have about milk....I will.

Andrew has been busy applying to colleges, playing soccer, and going on official visits (a sports term.) His high school did a nice article on his community service. He also made the super-y National Olympic Development team list. So a little balance for a few disappointments he has had this soccer season, including an injury at the beginning of the season. Life is a great blend of both highs and lows. He leaves for Florida tomorrow for national play-offs. Bella keeps me distracted and allows me to step back from his college process and not add any stress to it.

Oh and just so you don't think that I am some Pollyanna...Zach's teacher called and he has been way too chatty. She also said and I quote, "Don't let the grades on his report card fool you. Yes, they are good but he does NOTHING. He speeds through his work and then just hangs out. No extra credit." What am I going to do with him???? Ugh. Can you say "surfer-dude"?

We don't remember life before Bella. She adds such a wonderful spice to our life now. Jason brought up adopting another the other day. I had the same reaction that I had with Andrew, Eliza, and Zach, before and now Bella...but how could I possibly love another child like I love the four that live in this house....and I am reminded...THAT is the gift. You just do. One day you don't even know the child and the next you can't imagine waking up without them in your life. Each day I am so grateful for the four very different gifts that I have.

*** camera is broken sorry not many pictures