Friday, April 9, 2010


Easter with Bella.  She had a ball looking for eggs.  She can't believe they make bunnies that are made of chocolate.  This is a little girl who loves chocolate and Pez.  The day was filled with all types of goodies...from candy, to a beautiful mass, to peaceful family walk following a filling dinner/late lunch.  Jason then took the three older kids to opening day, Sox v Yankees.  Bella and I stayed home....this is where creativity comes in.

We watch old movies and decorated our journals.  I have been writing, painting, gluing, doodling, etc in mine every day as part of my morning ritual.  I have gotten Bella her own little journal and toolkit.  Her toolkit is filled with the same things mine is filled with but in the kid version.... paints, scissors, crayons, pens, etc.  She pulls it out and does whatever moves her.  I use mine to write  poetry, thoughts, hopes, quotes, scripture... It has been a lesson in awakening.  I wrote my first poem since high school the other day.  Now, I know this may be hard to believe... but I did not graduate a year ago... or even five years ago.  I use to love writing... and I just got away from it.  I want Bella to love writing, drawing, painting, or whatever speaks to her little creative self.  Here are our journals and an example of the pages inside... just a thought that may help shake the winter blahs away making room for spring...