Sunday, August 21, 2011

67 prayers left

Over the years we have made several paper chains to "count down" to some special event.  This is one our most special paper chains.  We call it our prayer chain.  Each of us had 12 strips of paper and on the back side we wrote a prayer for our little guy.  Bella wrote with me transcribing, anything from "Jesus please keep him stay safe" to "I hope that he wants a big sister like me."  Zach wants divine intervention to help him be a "good soccer player or at least like the game." (Already done! I hear he loves soccer balls.)  For me, the prayers were covering him in comfort when he had a bad dream, or when he makes his future transition, to helping to make me the mother he will need when he gets home, and in twenty years.  As the days fall away, we break he chain and read the prayer aloud before our grace at dinner.  We have 68 left.  Then we will return and make a new prayer chain.  And each of those prayers will bring him closer and closer to being home.  Baby boy, we are waiting patiently.  Knowing that the time before court is serving to prepare us and you for each other!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nov 1

Seems so far away.  It really seems like the dead of winter (I know it is not).  It is a special day.  My Father-In-Law's birthday.  It is now even more special... It is our court date for our little boy.  A date.  A concrete date that shows movement.  Getting him closer to being in our family.  I have gotten some darling pictures of him.  He is simply a sweet child.  It is also perfectly clear in the photos that his heart will be broken when he has to leave the beautiful orphanage director!  Ohhh goodness.   I know that he is getting the best of care and love.  Would you mind praying for his little heart?

On a lighter note...we had our travel clinic appointment.  Jason-one shot.  Me-none.  Zach-none.

77 days until we hop a plane and see our sweet boy.

For this child I have prayed.  1 Samuel 1:27