Wednesday, October 12, 2011

15 days until we board a plane

My stomach is tight with the anticipation of meeting our little guy.  Getting a sense of who he is.  I can't wait to see the je ne sais quoi that gets lost in translation.  Embassy is getting to be more of an obstacle than it ever was.  As a child who grew up over seas, a child of a diplomat, I personally think the US government is making huge gaffes in diplomacy.  I think that the time of oversight is at the moment the child enters care.  Not after that country has already determined that the child is adoptable.  Do we challenge the Russian, Chinese, or Korean government after they make that same determination?  Hmm, why not?  But, I shy away from the controversial.  So as each day brings hope and then fear for a few families at that pivotal stage, I thought of this tale that I read a while ago.  It speaks to my nearsightedness.  I think of this story frequently when things play out better or worse than I expected.  For me, this is where, my faith will be tested.  I claim to trust in His perfect timing, now I must live it.  It will only get harder, after meeting our little guy.   I trust though that if this little guys is meant to be ours, he will come home in God's perfect time.    In the meantime, I have a few friends on speed dial, to help me at weak moments and nesting is reaching  a scary level...I made these felted slippers for him Sunday night.  It was so much fun and easy.  I will work out the kinks and then share the how to.