Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ground Hog Day and a bit of Valentines Day

No not a weather related post.  Ground Hog Day-the movie.  We did our 4th bank letter today.  Yes, you read that correctly. 4.  The people in the bank are lovely.  I become more and more convinced that these obstacles are to weed out the weak.  Now I pray for movement and referrals.



Meanwhile, I painted the half bath.  Chalkboard paint.  Love it!  We have Valentine sayings on the wall.  Right now we have love needs no map, it can find its way blindfolded and love is friendship that has caught fire on the walls.  When I was doing it, Bella walked in and said, "Dad is going to freak out!"    (Where she got freak out, I don't know but it is so cute coming out of the mouth of an almost 4 year old.)   "But do you like it, Bella?"   "Yeah, I love it, but Dad is going to freak out."  So I call Jason to make sure he gives her a big freak out when he gets home.  When he walked in and saw it and gave her a good fuss, she was so tickled pink and kept saying, "Mom did it all by herself."  So she was talking about the fact that I could paint a room all by my self, had nothing to do with the color.  hmmmm  I tackle the family room next.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

That did not last.

While I was writing it I wondered if I would regret writing the post below about how patient I was going to be waiting for Teddy Bear.  That resolve to be patient lasted all of one day!  Stupid stupid stupid-me (Yes, Bella, stupid is a yucky word.)  Everything I can do is done.  But I cant's get Gladney approval (read-get on wait list) until I have CIS approval.  I can't get CIS approval until I have a written homestudy with criminal clearances.  SOooooo my homestudy is waiting on FBI clearances, which will be coming next week for Jason and Andrew.  But me....they are having difficulty reading my fingerprints!!!!  So I may have to redo mine and the "nice" (read-not very) told me it could take 12 weeks for that.  Am I really being tested this early in the process?  At this point I am feeling like I will be in assisted living by the time this babe gets home!

Monday, February 7, 2011

So ready for Spring!

We have gotten so much snow this winter.  Zach has even been out of school because of roof issues tha thte snow caused.  So what have we been up to???  A girl could go crazy.  Or....

While we were adopting the first go around...I became obsessed with blogs on adoption, the Gladney FBI list, and the gladney yahoo group.  Anything that would bring news.  Even if the news was not particularly good.  There was nothing worse when everything was quiet.  I would live vicariously through the other referrals.  Don't laugh but I had even broken the FBI down into statistical charts.  Crazy.  I know.

Don't quote me on this in a few months, but this time I am going to attempt to put what I learned into practice.  I learned....patience.  Really, I have.  I refuse to I find that I am again stalking blogs.  Waiting for news.  I have told myself...STOP!  It is the biggest waste of my time.  Time that I should/could be doing something so much more productive.  We have finished everything we can do.  Homestudy is done.  Now we wait for our wonderful SW to write it, Gladney to edit it.  Then we submit it to CIS.  Now, I have made some unbelievable friends from all that blog stalking.  So, don't get me wrong.  I will look at other blogs, I will watch and pray and worry.  But I am going to limit myself.  I am going to nurture my mind, body, and spirit in other ways, too.  So this is what I am doing now that we are done with all the paper gathering:

Gratuitous picture just because

1. yoga every morning to help myself get back to a less creaky self because as we add the younger children, I am more and more aware of how old I am!

2. journaling to help tell teddy bear what we were doing before teddy bear got here.

3. finished Bella's adoption book.  Need to work on the older kids' books.

4. nesting in a big and fun way....  so I share some of the blogs that I have subscribed to.  Here are some pretty creative women who have inspired me.  Have fun:)