Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What will 2011 hold for us?

Christmas was wonderful.  Bella really enjoyed the preparation, the songs, the baby Jesus in the manger.  So much so, that she woke up on the 26th and said is today Christmas again?  This is actually her second Christmas but we realize now that she must have been in a fog for the first couple months she was home.

We have officially begun the paper chase for a 0-2 either gender.

Just for fun:
Bella and Willow 

see the picture frame...I painted chalkboard paint and then fixed a frame on her wall.  Voila!  She has a framed masterpiece,  She made the fishy in preschool:)

 Bella and Poppy

Lots going on with the older kids...so I will have to come back and do a whole post.  Wondering if gathering paperwork will make me a better blogger....