Friday, April 24, 2009

Quiet preparation, friends

School vacation week.  We did not go away.  Andrew had a college recruitment camp and a college visit to Fordham.  Eliza participated in Tom's Awareness Day- April 16.  (I am sure she turned a few heads and a few calls went into DSS about a 14y walking barefoot.  We spent time at the Red Sox, science museum, and the movies.  I have been battling a head cold or allergies.  Anatomy and Physiology class ends in 2 weeks.  I have been preparing for the finals.  

Frenzy has died down.  Peace has been restored :) Room is painted (thanks again, Aldous), dresser and rocker bought, some clothes bought, car seat bought (still in box).... We are concentrating on the humanitarian aid, now.  

We can't wait to have this little cherub home and within our arms.  Because we are not yet in the thick of it, (It being... changing diapers, feeding, napping, playing with B)  we have time to reflect on the process of adopting.  The most unexpected fringe benefit from adopting has been the friends that I have made.  People who have gone out of heir way to drop off a care package for B, or to get a photo of her to hold us over until we get to hold the real deal:)  These friends have become part of our family dinner conversation and prayer as they travel to pick up their child, as they wait to see if they will be traveling, as they wait for court date, as they build wells, as they build muscles, or celebrate first birthdays.  The texture and landscape of our friendships has become richer and even more amazing than it was.  Thank you.

Friday, April 10, 2009


We have been in a frenzy.  For a good week after we got our court date.  I did nothing but bask in the excitement.  Then it hit me... being patient does not mean do nothing.  So we here is what we have been doing in no particular order :

1.  Celebrating with friends.  I have met some of the nicest, coolest, most interesting people through this process.  They are all so different from each other and yet are amazing.  I hope to be friends with theses people for a good long time.

2.  Watching and learning about how to care for B's hair.  

3.  Packing up Eliza's bedroom.  Eliza really wants to share with B.  We are going to try it out.  She is 14 and a pack rat, so there is much baby proofing to do.  She is boxing up everything that would take away from the quiet serenity of a "baby's room."  Have I said recently, that I love this kid.  I kept trying to talk her out of it.  She would have nothing to do with it.  I still am preparing for a room change after B gets home for a whole host of reasons.  (Jason ad I have a feeling that we will be sharing our room with her, anyways:)

4.  Painting Eliza's room.  We are having Eliza's room painted a more quiet color (that could work for a boy if we need to make a room change.)  I think I drive Jason crazy when I paint.  I am so impatient and put very little into prep work.  So we are hiring one of my (and my kids') favorite people.  When it is done...we will post before and after pictures.

5.  Picking up the crib from Jason's sister.  Trip to Connecticut... tomorrow.  

6.  Find a dresser and bookshelves for B.

7.  Shopping for clothes, diapers, other necessities.

8.  Learning Amharic.  I have hit a plateau.  I learned a few quickly and then it got harder and harder to add words to our repertoire.  Eliza is leading the pack in learning words. 

9.  Thinking and praying over B.  She has been captured in very few or no pictures (from other adopting parents) and we have had no updates.  We have found out from someone who was going to take pics of her...that they asked her not to too close to B because she is so wary of the experience.  We have heard she is extremely shy.  Eliza was very shy when she was little-hard to believe now- so we do have a little experience with it, but not when we will be her "stranger."  I have been thinking/praying on it... I will have to think on my feet, preparing for several different scenarios.  Any thoughts?  

10.  Sending out care packages for her with traveling parents:)

11.  Taking pictures.  Each time we send a package or letter we include a new picture.  I can't think of any other event in my life that I have been in so many pictures.

Some other things that we are doing:

12.  Sports have kicked into high gear.  Last weekend we had 3 soccer games, 5 lacrosse games, and riding.  I only have 3 kids right now!

13.  Studying for a&P2.  Got my first B on a quiz yesterday.  Obviously, I am distracted.

14.  Getting Andrew ready for his trip to the Dominican Republic with the doctors, Peace Corp, and Engineers without Borders.  As the trip draws closer, I am getting a little nervous.  He is only, 17.  The next youngest person, is 35.  Will he remember to not open his mouth in the shower?  Will he take his malaria pill?  and the list goes on....

15.  Working out.  I am still determined to get stronger.  It has been a long time since I have carried 20lb around all the time and I am older:)

16.  Enjoying the newness of Spring!