Monday, July 26, 2010

July Happenings

Fourth of July.  A first.  Fireworks, road race, parade, and barbecues.  Our town even paints the center stripe red, white, and blue.  Bella has star beads in her hair.  Its all about the accessories:)
Bella takes everything in stride.  She loves her daddy.

Potty trained.  We are now potty trained.  Just a month shy of 3 1/2 y.  It took us a few weeks but she really wanted to be... finally got the hang of it.  

Sleep.  She still takes a nap (2-3hours).  She has a hard time going down at night, though.  I read a book.  Cuddle.  Rock.  And then she wants to hold my hand...the problem is the routine can take an hour.  I have found something that helps. Don't think I am's survival.  She loves Eliza's I-touch.  She plays with that for 5 minutes and then is out like a light.  (Still comes into our bed in the middle of the night.)  So much for my "no-technology rule" in the bedrooms.  Ugh.  This girl is genius in figuring out any technology, too.  

Friend.  She has several of her own friends now.  She craves interaction with them, too. She went blueberry picking, too.  She was so excited to see where blueberries come from.   I can't wait to take her to the Vineyard this year.  Fishing.  Swimming.  Jumping from the dock.  So many firsts:)  

I look back a year ago...and we were waiting.  Emailing, texting, or calling Emily and Michelle kept me sane.  What a blessing my new friends are.  A year later they are still so dear to me.  Almost a year and it feels like she has been home a lifetime.