Saturday, May 30, 2009

Staying Busy

We are so excited about all the families who passed court and are traveling to bring home their little ones.

We have been staying busy.  We have gotten no news, yet.  Jessica, our case worker, is and therefore, we are, hopeful.  We should learn more next week.  Probably Tuesday.  One of the hardest things for me is the time factor.  It will take close to two weeks to learn anything from the day we learned that we were not going to go to court.  This for someone who has check lists and likes to check things off the list! 

I am going to get involved in the Andrew's high school in their Global Education Initiative.  His school has very large community service requirements and they would like a component of it to be globally focused.  The same day I had a meeting at his school, I received a certified letter saying that he was failing his community service requirement.  I almost got in an accident reading it in the car.  Luckily, I took a few hours to call Jason who then called the director back. She was unaware of his trip to DR doing a medical mission.  Okay...all is well that ends well. 

Meanwhile, Eliza found this cute retelling of Princess and the Pea to add to our bookshelves.  The artwork is great.  
 I found this book to add to our shelves:

Again, I love the illustrations.  It also give a great explanations as to how the electoral college works for younger kids.

I also listened to a few of Dr. Purvis's videos.  She looks and acts so much like my mother that I have always enjoyed watching her.  I also love the way she explains attachment, discipline techniques, and so much more.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Go on Monday for Us

Not much more to say at this point.  I'll post when we have a new court date.  Sad, but hopeful.

Family Fun

We went to the game last night.  It was a beautiful warm night.  Hot Dogs, Soda, Cracker Jacks, Frozen Lemonades, and a round of Sweet Caroline.  The Red Sox won and Andrew was recognized for some of his community service.  What a nice way to keep our mind off of the court date...4 days away, or is it 3 days, 20 hours, 4 minutes, 17 secs...not that anyone is counting.

Monday, May 18, 2009

One Week for Court Date

*just regular craziness.  Willow is too good of a sport.

I can't believe we are one week away.  Time has taken on a surreal quality.  There are two parallel worlds.  One world is moving at warp speed, and one that seems to be moving as slow as molasses in January.
*Jury duty on Tuesday for me
*Andrew is being recognized on Wednesday by the Red Sox (at the game-kind of cool for Dad because he loves the Red Sox), 
*Thursday is first play date of the Junior UN (some very nice mom's who have adopted internationally) without our African delegate (little B)- all tongue in cheek
*Friday Andrew leaves for Maryland for College Showcase Tournament and Zach leaves for Albany for his tournament.  I am staying home with Eliza because I am not taking any chances with cell phone service.

So here's the big question...which I emailed to Jessica...with a court date on Memorial Day where no one is in the office, do we have to wait until Tuesday to find out if it was successful?  I might just leave the calm, cool, and collected demeanor for nutty, crazy, mother.  Actually, we are surprisingly calm.  

I have had dreams about B almost every night.  Some are funny, some not so.  In one it was about how I bought and brought all the wrong sizes.  I bought all newborn sizes for an almost 3 year old.  Another, was about how scared and sad she was when she met us.  I had a mirage of dreams when I was pregnant with Andrew, Eliza, and Zach.  I believe, it is my way of processing and coming up with strategies to help them coming home (newborn or almost 3). B is getting her own set of dreams. 

We got to write her a letter, again.  What a privilege these letters are.  We are able to send her a photo, also.  Writing the letter is try, though.  What do you write a 2 year old?  We have so much to tell her.  We have kept it simple, though.  Just letting her know that she has a family out there that love her and can't wait for her to come home.  This letter was about her bedroom and the big comfy chair in it that rocks and glides.  How excited we are to read books and sing lullabies to her in her big comfy chair.  We are praying that we will be able to tell her in person, by the next deadline.

**Almost forgot about the trip to the ER this weekend.  Cleaning out the attic (nesting, much), I knocked a piece of a "jumpy seat" down on Jason.  Right onto the bridge of his nose.  He needed 4 stitches.  He is an amazing man, though.  Had the roles been reversed, I would not have been so forgiving and kind to him.  He did not once curse, blame me, show any frustration at me, or be anything but calm and understanding.  Think I could learn a thing or two from him???  So the next time Jasper (100 lb Bernese mountain dog) steps on my foot, or the kids kick a soccer ball at me by accident, or I stub my own toe...I am going to try and remember how Jason responded : )

Monday, May 11, 2009

Two weeks until court, Mother's Day, Andrew returns

My Mother's day gift... the high chair.  I love it.  B will be able to sit up at the table with us.

B and Eliza's room. 

Saturday at my sister's house.  The cousins had so much fun together.  

**Two weeks until our court date.  I am trying to remain calm and prayerful.  Two weeks until we either go on a paper chase in Ethiopia for a missing document, or until we can officially claim B as ours.  We have finished her room.  We are packing her suitcase.  I am trying to stay calm and prayerful.  There are so many families that this court date has not been an easy hurdle.  As we are coming close to the date, I feel even more for them and wonder what court will mean to us.  One friend in particular passed court but has not been able to go get her daughter..  She writes so eloquently about it.  It is beyond painful.  Please offer her words of comfort, pass it on to Michele Obama if you are close to her, or better yet...if you are the head of the CDC... please reconsider.

Andrew has returned from the Dominican.  He was in charge of administering an eye exam, and finding glasses that suited the person.  He gave out over 200 pair of glasses.  He was amazed at how it feels to minister to others.  The day he returned, he said....I am going back next year and I am joining Peace Corp after college.  He had an amazing time.  One night when all the other people in his group retired... he went off complex and played baseball and soccer with the drivers.  They taught him one of their dances and he simply hung out with them.  They, as a group, saw approximately 1000 patients.  It does feel good to have him home safe and sound.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New and Old Friends, Update on B

 What a lovely weekend we have had.  We met new friends in the Boston.  I pulled my younger kids out of school to meet these families that they have known from afar.  I love both of these families.  They are great examples of love, grace, and passion for my kids and me.  I only wish that we lived closer.  Last night some old friends took Jason and I out to dinner because they wanted to celebrate B.  They have three beautiful children, two adopted from Korea and one biological. They have been so supportive of us from the start (something not to be taken for granted.)  They are as excited to get the new pictures or updates as we are.  This afternoon, we are getting together with several families who have or are adopting from Ethiopia.  

Andrew left for the Dominican Republic yesterday.  He had quite a week getting ready, finishing school work, collecting baseball equipment, packing, etc.  He got such an amazing response from the area towns, colleges, and individuals.  All of these men and women are amazing people who go down and treat and train the people in some of the poorest areas.  The touching part is that one of the men in particular has made such an effort to keep me aware of where and what they are doing so I won't worry about Andrew. 

We received an update on B.  We have also received pictures and even videos of her.  They are bittersweet.  We love them but are so ready for the real thing.  We want to hold her, comfort her, teach her, and love her.  

“She is a great sleeper.  She can sleep through all the other kids crying and playing during the afternoon.  When she woke, I reached out for her and she did not cry, but she looked to her caregiver to see if I was acceptable.  She walked over towards her caregiver constantly looking at me.  She is eating well, too.  Her oversized belly proves it.  Today, her pant button popped open from the strain.  J  She looked down to see what had happened and then continued playing.  What a cutie.  She is healthy and doing well.  She is a good sharer – her toys are never hers alone.  She is always willing to give to her friends.  She walked around the room with two toy rings on her wrist, really promoting her dainty girly side!” --J

Weight:  12. 6 Kg