Saturday, June 26, 2010


We are in the lazy hazy days of summer.  The kids are done with school.  The schedule is light.  The days have no set pattern. I have started running.  I ran 3 1/2 miles the other day.  I have not run this far or this long since college.  I feel really good and fit.  It really has helped with my energy level with Bella.  I also ordered and am watching The African Experience from The Teaching Company.  (36 lectures by a Professor at NC State).  I love it.  I was not sure what to expect, but I have been nothing but pleased.
We have been going to the library almost every other day.  It is Bella's favorite place, even if it is just a quick trip.  We do story time on a farm, under a big tree
followed by visiting the animals or picnic lunches at a small beach in our town.
I think Bella is still growing like a weed.  I keep expecting her to slow down a little.  Can she really keep growing an inch a month?  She is as funny as ever.  Telling Zach..."you are driving my crazy" or me..."you are annoying me" when she does not get her way.  I signed her up for ballet in the fall.  She was so thankful and almost hurt my heart.  Weeks later, she is still thanking me "for signing (her) up for ballerina."  We made a few new friends, one of which is moving to CA.

Andrew went to another prom.  We also had his graduation party.  He is now getting ready for college.  He is working a ton.  He is also still playing soccer.  I take him to High Point for early registration in a few weeks.  It will be the first time I leave Bella over night.  Jason will have her but I am still a little worried for her.

When I grow up, I want to be like Eliza.  She ordered a few things on-line for herself, the boys, and Bella...who is the mom here?  She noticed that they have free bridal wrap.  She had her and Bella's items wrapped, saying"Imagine how excited she will be to open the box."  She had the card read... "To help you fight the dragons," referring to Bella's slaying of the imaginary dragons the day earlier in the park.  Bella was so excited to unwrap her little sneakers.  I have so much to learn from this girl.

Zach graduated from elementary school.

So, life is good.  Blessed.  (Next time, I may write about thoughts/worries about raising a beautiful African girl in a town that is predominantly white or the stirrings to adopt again...just need to start writing it down...but for now another light post.)