Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Double header: Readoption and paperwork

Game #1
Re-adoption of my sweet girl!

We were so excited when we recieved the notice for the date for re-adoption.  (It allowed us to change her name to Bella Zenash Morgan and correct her birthday.  Long story but we have braided what she was called in the orphanage, by mistake, what her ET mother named her, and our family name.)  A reminder for us though-she may look at things differently than we do though, even though she has been home for 14 months.  Bella did not know what to think of this "re-adoption."  I agree with her though.  It is a silly name.  In her little three year old mind, she thought that we might be changing her mind.  When we first excitedly told her about it she said "you aren't giving me back, are you?"  To which I said, while smothering this sweet face with kisses,  "Not on your life! You are mine always and forever, and even when you won't want me."  Thank you, Lord!  I am just telling you this so when you go to tell your kiddo...stop and think and rephrase.

Game #2

Paperwork phase is to weed out the weak,  the not sure if I want to do this,  the faint of heart, buy a puppy, instead.  Excuse my language....it sucks!  Like labor pains, you forget.  We are in the paper gathering phase on steroids.  The wait seems to get longer each breathe I take and we don't get any younger...so we are trying to do this stage quickly.  But, for our bank letter I required 3 redos.  First one, signature of signer and the notary were the same; second one, dates did not match.  So, what I have decided...it actually is a pretty good indicator of what parenting can be like:)  But we are excited.  Bella has taken to praying for her little brother or sister (but who is kidding whom...brother...because we are open to either), Teddy Bear.  By the way, for all of you who are rolling their eyes...Teddy Bear was her second choice.  Allergies was her first.  So from now on we will refer to brother or sister as Teddy Bear. But Allergies????  Where did that come from????

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hair-A Public Service Message

Most of the adoptive parents that I know (of Ethiopian children) spend a ton of mental energy and even $ on their newly adopted child or children's hair.  When we first got home I went to a salon that specialized in braiding, cutting, and caring for black hair so that I could learn how to braid Bella's hair.  A beautiful black woman helped me.  She took one look at Bella's hair and said, "Oh honey, her hair is more like yours than mine."  Really?!  What does that mean?  "It means.  You don't braid her hair.  You can, but it won't stay in for more than a few days."  So, we do occasionally braid it.  We do put it up in pony or pig tails.  We keep it down and "free."  But on those days when it is free, we have to bring some semblance of order to it.  Easier said than done.  At first I spent a small fortune on different product hoping that they would be a quick fix.  I have found a couple products that I love.  But today, I found magic!  Really!  This mom has become somewhat of a rock star in my house.  She used the same SW for her home study but we never got to meet until after she adopted her baby.  Go check out her blog.  She was a superwoman before but now.....

She posted about hair products and Sally's Beauty Supply Shop.  I went out and purchased.  I LOVE Sally's.  How did I not know about this store!  Prices are great and the products I purchased work.  So my first purchase was the tangle teezer.  Why does it work???  But it does!  It costs $9.99.  So worth it.  It took me 10 minutes to comb/brush through her hair.  I had panned on doing it during the football game today.  It should have taken me until half-time.

I used it with Hawaian Silky to help detangle.  Wow!  Bella had a few dreadlocks starting (underneath neck area) and using this stopped them.  The combination of the teezer and this was seriously easy.  Her hair is really long, when wet it reaches mid back.

Then while I was there, I found another product that I have not used yet but will try.  Bella uses Wen as a cleansing conditioner.  It works very well.  Love it.  It is expensive, though.  Because her hair is so long we also go through it pretty quickly.  Well, Sally's sells the generic form.  It is about 1/3 of the price of Wen.  They also sell sample size packets for $1.49.

I have not used it but I will let you know if it works as well as Wen.  It may depend on your child's hair texture, but they are worth a try.  Not a big investment.  And if they work as well for you as they did for me....you will have so many more hours in the day to do laundry, dishes, or even read a book:)  Thank you Staci!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Heart Beat

One of the coolest things I heard in Anatomy and Physiology (have not taken the time to verify this on line) was that when a two hearts get in proximity they can match their beats. As a transplanted heart gets close to the heart that it is replacing they synchronize.  I may be saying this the wrong way from a medical perspective.  But I trust that I have no one reading this who is a doctor.  I have thought about this as a few times through our adoption of Bella.

The first time I thought of it was when Jason and I got our EKG for the medical part of our application.  Coincidentally, we have the same abnormality (minor though it is).  Apparently, it is not a commonly occurring abnormality and our doctor got a kick out of the fact that we both have it.  Hmmmm.  synchronicity.

The second time was yesterday.  To understand me completely, I have to go back to a year ago.  When Bella first came home she loved to be snuggled and read to, but there was always an under current of awareness.  When my older three kids were babies, I could hold them and they would relax completely into me until they fell asleep.   At church, they could be perfectly still and quiet if I was holding them.  Think falling asleep while being given a massage.  It's not because you are tired but because you are that relaxed. That is what I mean.  She could fall asleep if she was tired.  Like when I rocked her at night.  I actually did not think about it too much.  I put it down to her age, really.  But then yesterday, I was reading/answering emails (thank you Ellen) in the morning.  Bella woke up, came downstairs, and climbed onto my lap.  I held her, rocked her slightly in the office chair, and continued to read/answer emails.  She was perfectly still.  Before I knew it she had fallen asleep at 9:00 in the morning.  Not a tired sleep.  A relaxed sleep.  Hmmm. Synchronicity.  She woke up in a few minutes and said, "I love you, mommy."  Definitely synchronicity.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes #1

In an effort to remember the cute or not-so cute things that kids can say, I am going to record them.

Bella and Eliza love getting Willow on the sofa.  Maybe because it drives me crazy.  Try wearing black pants when you have a Golden Retriever.  Now try sitting down on a sofa with said black pants.   Anyways.  When Willow, ten years old, was having trouble jumping up on the sofa, Bella told Eliza, "Willow is running out of batteries."