Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life at Warp Speed (oops, I mean with a toddler)

What was my life like before Bella? I don't remember. I do need to make time for exercise and yoga but I have not as of yet. Bella rode her first horse! She loved it. She wanted to jump like Eliza. I signed Bella up for preschool for next year (in my town you do it this early...go figure.). I love the woman who runs it. She loves Africa. The kids make art books (each letter of the alphabet is a different art project), masks, study animal habitats, make jewelry to sell and then decide what charity to give the money to, make musical instruments... It is a non-traditional program but I think Bella will love it. Zach went there for kindergarten enrichment and loved it. Have I mentioned that Bella has grown 4 inches in the three months she has been home? She has too many words now to count. She is trying to spell her name. She is the sweetest little cherub ever!

Andrew is in several schools. One of his safety schools asked him to apply for a presidential scholarship. If he gets it... what do we do???? Decisions, decisions, decisions???? Do you go with a better known program or take a risk and have less debt?

Food network is my new favorite background noise. We have tried ad loved so many recipes. I will have to start posting some.

This afternoon, I am headed to an arts center with a friend. We are taking a class on making natural cremes, lotions, and facial treatments. Crazy, but I am really excited:)

I also met the nicest woman at bible study. She sent me a list of hair products and a daily routine for Bella. I will do a post on it next week when I have a good hour to sit down and write.

Life is good, crazy but good. We feel very blessed.


Rahel said...

...and i didn't make my yoga class today as promised! sigh! the time will come. little ones are simoutaniously cute and oh so busy, eh?

emily said...

Can't wait to read the list- love seeing her on a horse. Makes me laugh at all the time we spent on the phone bemoaning this or that........... :)

coffeemom said...

Love love love that pic of bella!!! And the horse connection?? Perfect!

Maribeth said...

4 inches! Mercy me, she is doing good. Can't wait to hear all of your good advice... assuming that you ever have 5 minutes of free time again.

Sparkz said...

Watch out Eliza looks like you've got some competition! Cute!

emily said...

Just gave you a blog award- go see.