Sunday, February 7, 2010

February with Bella

I know I know...three weeks and no post. Life happens.

Bella was really sick. Had double pneumonia. It was shocking how quickly she went down hill...but also, how quickly she returned to normal. Both were sooo fast. She is doing well now.

Some Bella-isms:

"I like my shower cold, mommy likes her shower hot." (unfortunately she likes to take a shower with guess who has been taking cold showers:)

After getting frustrated with the cat jumping on the counter, and pushing the cat off, my 2 year reprimands me.... "Gently, mommy." (ew...I guess I better be nice to the kitty.)

Her favorite greeting..."Hello, Bombshell" (Victoria Secret add??? What has she been watching?!!!!! and then egged on by the older kids who think she is sooo funny)

Lining all her dollies up on the couch...telling them "shhhh" and then singing Amen ( a la gospel music style).

She is awesome, smart, giggly, funny, and simply fun to have around. The frenetic play that I wrote about has all but disappeared. We have not seen it for so long I am not sure if we will again. She sleeps in her crib. She still is an iffy eater but she ha snow grown 5 inches in the 4 months she has been home. (now in the 20% ) She has maybe gained a half of a pound. (50%)

We had her hair braided on Friday and the beautiful black woman confirmed what I was learning...her hair is soft so won't hold the style so well. It is best for her to wear it down or in little pony/pig tails. I attached pics of her hair being done though.


coffeemom said...

Gosh she looks fantastic. Thriving under the best of care, yours. OH. Cold showers tho....yikes!

QB said...

Her hair is so long! Konjo. She looks beautiful and I'm glad she's feeling better. I'm around all week if you want to try to get together or chat, with or without the girls. Looking forward to seeing you all soon, before your trip or after.

Justine said...

5 inches!! Wow! I keep thinking that Meron has grown but nothing new to report yet. So sorry she was sick. Poor girl and poor mommy taking cold showers (:

Maribeth said...

Oh, Jen, she is so beautiful! Sounds like she is thriving (even with the nasty pneumonia). Every time I read about her, it eases my mind about adjusting to life with a 2 year old.

emily said...

How did I miss this post??? She looks so precious getting her hair done. Big girl :)