Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bad at warp speed continued * edited

Life with a three year old is so much fun.  We live so much more simple.  We make a house for the flower fairies and wood elves.  We made a chandelier out of sea glass and a table out of rocks.  Bella loves imaginary play.  The older kids are loving this stage.  It is over so quickly, and this go around I am enjoying every moment...bc I know how fast it goes.

Andrew graduates next week.  I will miss him terribly.  The college process is really stressful on them.  He was so torn between schools and rankings and what they had to offer. In the end he decided to go to High Point University in NC.  They offered him a leadership and academic scholarship and they have a division 1 soccer program.  He has won three awards/ scholarships this spring.  The one of which I am most proud is the one given by his school for character on and off the field, striving for excellence in athletics and academics.  One that young boys would think is cool...Major League Baseball gave him one for his work in Boston with volunteers of America.  He got to meet Jason Varitek.  He also had his prom.  What a great time in his life this is.  Stressful but exciting, too.

Eliza had her spring fling for the freshman at her school.  She is also playing lacrosse.  The reason Bella is wearing the same outfit is because they were the same, not in the same town either.  Now, you are getting the "warp speed" bit.

Zach is good.  Well, at this very moment he has the stomach bug...but in general.  He is good:)

Now for Bella, so much to tell.  She is doing great.  We are having a ball with her.  She just had her 3y check up.  She has grown 7 1/2 inches, and 2 lbs. She has grown 3 shoe sizes.  I have to give Gladney credit.  They started her on this path...we just get to see the amazing results.  With our first mother's day behind us...I have been thinking so much of her ET mother.  What to call her?  She loved her baby girl.  She nursed her baby girl.  I am sure she had dreams for her, as well.  What were they?  She was so much more than a birth mom.  We have started call her by her name.  Don't think that I am crazy but...recently, Bella had surgery.  Nothing big...just a biopsy on a mass.  Sounds scarier than it should.  While I was snuggling with Bella coming out of surgery...I was thinking and praying for her mother in heaven.  There is no part of my heart that Bella has not colored.  We are completely synchronized.  I feel like I have a friend in Arfosa.  As she watches her daughter grow, I think she would be happy...not the way it was meant to be, but at peace.  I think that she would know how much she is loved and cherished.  Bella wants to be a doctor or a soccer player (go figure).  She just got small lacrosse sticks.  She loves American Idol.  Her eating is great...loves hummus, yogurt, and M&Ms.  She loves going on errands with Andrew.  She will miss him terribly next year.   She loves Ruth and Aster and another set of ET twins Aster and Milkie.  She loves to be read to.  She loves to be rocked.

Okay, so I am going to try and be better about blogging.  I am also loving my morning ritual. My new goal is to do yoga every day for a year.  I am the three month mark.  It feels great.  I feel less rickety and less old:)  

* so this is why I don't blog I wrote this post little Miss B got into the sorry game, the monopoly game, connect 4...all pieces are on the floor in the family room...I guess they needed to be organized.  That is what I will be doing for the next hour.  Oh dear.


coffeemom said...

YEah!!! Ok, your goal??? kinda envious...hmmm. The pics and update: fantastico!!!!! Love that girl! and you too. keep blogging!

Deena said...

All of your children sound AMAZING! You must be so proud. I absolutely love Bella's hair! I can't wait for our little girl to have hair like that! We are hoping to travel to Ethiopia in July to bring her home. I will be sure to email you with questions about brining a three year old home :)

Heidi said...

What a beautiful family you have-you must be so proud! Lovely thoughts about the birth mother. I like the idea of calling her by her name and have been doing that myself lately. I think about her all the time and wish I could pick up the phone and call her. As for Bella, WOW! Just wow! So glad she is doing so well :-)

Thanks again for all the tips on bringing home a three year old!!!


emily said...

Love the update and pics! So precious. Eyasu misses his friend.

J Gutwein said...

:). Wishing you speed. Love, J

Sparkz said...

Your kids always amaze me. They are great. It reflects on you a lot!

I can't believe how big Bella is! Is she still enjoying sharing a room? I'm sure with such a cool big sis. she has lots of fun!

She is a beautiful GIRL now. She has lost all of that "toddler" look. You do a great job w/her hair. We're still working on keeping the fuzz out of Nati's hair! :) I guess he is breaking me in slowly for when we can go back and adopt a little girl!

Anyway just checking in!

becca said...

just wanted to hop over and see how you all are doing... bella is gorgeous! and i saw that your son is going to HPU which is literally 30 minutes from my house... if that... so if he ever needs anything please let me know!!! i forgot where you live... but i don't think it's too close to here... so seriously, email me if you need anything...
rvzalbertson at gmail.
love to you...