Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Double header: Readoption and paperwork

Game #1
Re-adoption of my sweet girl!

We were so excited when we recieved the notice for the date for re-adoption.  (It allowed us to change her name to Bella Zenash Morgan and correct her birthday.  Long story but we have braided what she was called in the orphanage, by mistake, what her ET mother named her, and our family name.)  A reminder for us though-she may look at things differently than we do though, even though she has been home for 14 months.  Bella did not know what to think of this "re-adoption."  I agree with her though.  It is a silly name.  In her little three year old mind, she thought that we might be changing her mind.  When we first excitedly told her about it she said "you aren't giving me back, are you?"  To which I said, while smothering this sweet face with kisses,  "Not on your life! You are mine always and forever, and even when you won't want me."  Thank you, Lord!  I am just telling you this so when you go to tell your kiddo...stop and think and rephrase.

Game #2

Paperwork phase is to weed out the weak,  the not sure if I want to do this,  the faint of heart, buy a puppy, instead.  Excuse my language....it sucks!  Like labor pains, you forget.  We are in the paper gathering phase on steroids.  The wait seems to get longer each breathe I take and we don't get any younger...so we are trying to do this stage quickly.  But, for our bank letter I required 3 redos.  First one, signature of signer and the notary were the same; second one, dates did not match.  So, what I have decided...it actually is a pretty good indicator of what parenting can be like:)  But we are excited.  Bella has taken to praying for her little brother or sister (but who is kidding whom...brother...because we are open to either), Teddy Bear.  By the way, for all of you who are rolling their eyes...Teddy Bear was her second choice.  Allergies was her first.  So from now on we will refer to brother or sister as Teddy Bear. But Allergies????  Where did that come from????


Deena said...

Congratulations on your "re-adoption"...so exciting to have the name finalized!
Good luck with the paperwork...you are right, it is like labor...I don't even remember the stress of the paperwork now ;)
Hang in there!

coffeemom said...

OHHH happy happy day. My favorite beautiful family. Kiss sweet Bella Zanesh for me, from me.

And agreed, the paperchase sucks. T hat's the only phrase that's apt. It'll be done soon tho, knowing you!

I love "teddy bear!"

Sparkz said...

ditto- it does stink- but, like labor, once you see your child the first time it's worth all the effort to get there. Can't wait to hear more!

Anonymous said...

i hate the paperchase. it gives me hives. my husband did so much of it, due to those idiots and the bank who we had to have redo the letter four times....yuck yuck yuck. feeling for you.

Heidi said...

Congrats on the readoption. We did ours a few months ago and the boys didn't understand what it was, but thoroughly enjoyed the attention.

Sorry the paper work sucks the second time around. I was hoping you were going to tell me it was a lot easier ;-)

I can't get over how Bella Zanesh has blossomed. Love "teddy bear" and "allergies" is pretty darn cute too!

amy said...

found your blog through "scooping it up". We're totally in the same place, even the third go around with the financial institution. Once we get it we are done and onto sending it off. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!!