Wednesday, February 9, 2011

That did not last.

While I was writing it I wondered if I would regret writing the post below about how patient I was going to be waiting for Teddy Bear.  That resolve to be patient lasted all of one day!  Stupid stupid stupid-me (Yes, Bella, stupid is a yucky word.)  Everything I can do is done.  But I cant's get Gladney approval (read-get on wait list) until I have CIS approval.  I can't get CIS approval until I have a written homestudy with criminal clearances.  SOooooo my homestudy is waiting on FBI clearances, which will be coming next week for Jason and Andrew.  But me....they are having difficulty reading my fingerprints!!!!  So I may have to redo mine and the "nice" (read-not very) told me it could take 12 weeks for that.  Am I really being tested this early in the process?  At this point I am feeling like I will be in assisted living by the time this babe gets home!


Rebecca said...

I'll just be honest and say that I have no patience when it comes to this process! There seem to always be glitches. Sometimes I want to find out information (when there is none - like, will we have a boy or girl) and think - this is the one time where you can't google it and find your answer!

praying for comfort and peace for your family during this process!! I'm right there with you! :)

heather said...

The waiting game is tough.
Sending you lots of deep breaths and I hope the "nice" person that told you 12 weeks was wrong.