Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Good one" and nightime prayers

 Since Bella has been home, we do our prayers at night, just like we did with the older kids.  For some reason, Zach did his prayers primarily with Jason.  The others did them with either.  Bella does them with me, although Zach loves it when I have to work on a night that Jason does because then he gets to put Bella to bed and that includes prayers.  In our prayers we ask Jesus to bless ___fill in the blank____.... and then we usually take turns naming family and friends.  Recently,  Bella asked, "anyone new?"  And then I added, "Marjorie."  Bella asked, "Whose Marjorie?"  I explained that she is a woman who is a friend of a friend who just found out has cancer so she is very sick (a story for another day-but The Lord working, not like we may want but his clear fingerprint).  And Bella said, "Good one, good one!"  Then Bella added a friend of mine, Margaret.  No reason, and asked if she was "good one."  I said, "of course." So now, throughout the day Bella and I look for someone new to pray for that would be a "good one."  That person has been a stranger who looked angry or sad, a friend in TX who has a head/heart hurt,  friends celebrating their 3rd birthdays or a friend who just needs some comfort or healing.  But the word has gotten now Zach wants in on it.  We can't wait to see who Bella names, such a window into her soul, and she can't wait to see who I name.  We are truly blessed by the children in my life!

***Can you tell I need a new camera?????


scooping it up said...

Hey, would you mind throwing in a dear from of mine. Lets call him Doug. He is really struggling right now and I don't know how to help him. Will you pray for him and for me to be God's hands in his life?

Jen said...


coffeemom said...

Those prayers from this sweet girl count for much. She herself is such a good one.