Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring Sprite

My first purchase for Little M.  I have not allowed myself to buy anything or Little M.  I found this Spring Sprite (fairy) lst week and I could not resist.  When I was little, I loved fairies.  I imagined a whole world of little people that lived a parallel life to me.  In Eliza's first bedroom, I painted a dogwood tree filled with butterflies, dragon flies, ants and bumblebees.  (I love dragon flies and butterflies.)  As she got older, she would not let me pint over her mural.  The people who bought our old house, put their daughter in that room and kept it, also.  Recently Eliza asked if I would paint it again for her and Little M.  When I saw this fairy holding a dragon fly, I had to have him for Little M.  I want to hang it by a window, to capture the light. I wonder if little M will enjoy imagining and reading or will she be more clinical, or both? One of the joys of parenting... unwrapping the gifts in each child.

**I am so excited because I found out that the artist does fairies that are African, too.  I will just have to do a little leg work to find them.


emily said...

Making it more real huh??? Really sweet.

QB said...

That is one of the most, um how shall I say, unusual things I have ever seen. It's crazy! Also unique and lovely like you.