Monday, May 18, 2009

One Week for Court Date

*just regular craziness.  Willow is too good of a sport.

I can't believe we are one week away.  Time has taken on a surreal quality.  There are two parallel worlds.  One world is moving at warp speed, and one that seems to be moving as slow as molasses in January.
*Jury duty on Tuesday for me
*Andrew is being recognized on Wednesday by the Red Sox (at the game-kind of cool for Dad because he loves the Red Sox), 
*Thursday is first play date of the Junior UN (some very nice mom's who have adopted internationally) without our African delegate (little B)- all tongue in cheek
*Friday Andrew leaves for Maryland for College Showcase Tournament and Zach leaves for Albany for his tournament.  I am staying home with Eliza because I am not taking any chances with cell phone service.

So here's the big question...which I emailed to Jessica...with a court date on Memorial Day where no one is in the office, do we have to wait until Tuesday to find out if it was successful?  I might just leave the calm, cool, and collected demeanor for nutty, crazy, mother.  Actually, we are surprisingly calm.  

I have had dreams about B almost every night.  Some are funny, some not so.  In one it was about how I bought and brought all the wrong sizes.  I bought all newborn sizes for an almost 3 year old.  Another, was about how scared and sad she was when she met us.  I had a mirage of dreams when I was pregnant with Andrew, Eliza, and Zach.  I believe, it is my way of processing and coming up with strategies to help them coming home (newborn or almost 3). B is getting her own set of dreams. 

We got to write her a letter, again.  What a privilege these letters are.  We are able to send her a photo, also.  Writing the letter is try, though.  What do you write a 2 year old?  We have so much to tell her.  We have kept it simple, though.  Just letting her know that she has a family out there that love her and can't wait for her to come home.  This letter was about her bedroom and the big comfy chair in it that rocks and glides.  How excited we are to read books and sing lullabies to her in her big comfy chair.  We are praying that we will be able to tell her in person, by the next deadline.

**Almost forgot about the trip to the ER this weekend.  Cleaning out the attic (nesting, much), I knocked a piece of a "jumpy seat" down on Jason.  Right onto the bridge of his nose.  He needed 4 stitches.  He is an amazing man, though.  Had the roles been reversed, I would not have been so forgiving and kind to him.  He did not once curse, blame me, show any frustration at me, or be anything but calm and understanding.  Think I could learn a thing or two from him???  So the next time Jasper (100 lb Bernese mountain dog) steps on my foot, or the kids kick a soccer ball at me by accident, or I stub my own toe...I am going to try and remember how Jason responded : )


Robin said...

Hey Jen:

I'm a native New Englander, now living in the good 'ole South!!! Our court date is Thursday..whoee!!! I just realized your court date was Memorial goodness....I surely hope you'll hear something and not have to wait til Tuesday!

coffeemom said...

YOu know I'm praying for you for court and all of it!!! Every day, novena, rosary and all. Busy is good, busy is best this week!!! I bet you'll hear.....Love M

Amy said...


Hey girl, praying for you this week. Can't wait until we ALL hear some GOOD news this week! I'll be checking in regularly to hear how it goes.


emily said...

Love that picture of your dog-- good sport indeed!

One week- can't wait and praying it is all smooth sailing!!!

Kristi J said...

our agency told me that we wouldn't hear until Tuesday because no one would be in the office on Monday to get the notice of whether we passed or not...Sunday night is OUR night...I can't wait...Maybe we'll fly out together :) kj

Sparkz said...

Wow you have and have had so much going on. I can't wait to hear how things go and hopefuly someone will call you. We got calls even if someone else was out of the office so maybe you will even though it is a holiday. I hope so. anyway I am waiting with you and am on the edge of my seat.

the dog picture is great!

Justine said...

I can't imagine how excited/nervous you must be feeling. You are on the home stretch. I sure hope you get to hear on Monday! You'll always remember this Memorial Day that is for sure.