Saturday, May 30, 2009

Staying Busy

We are so excited about all the families who passed court and are traveling to bring home their little ones.

We have been staying busy.  We have gotten no news, yet.  Jessica, our case worker, is and therefore, we are, hopeful.  We should learn more next week.  Probably Tuesday.  One of the hardest things for me is the time factor.  It will take close to two weeks to learn anything from the day we learned that we were not going to go to court.  This for someone who has check lists and likes to check things off the list! 

I am going to get involved in the Andrew's high school in their Global Education Initiative.  His school has very large community service requirements and they would like a component of it to be globally focused.  The same day I had a meeting at his school, I received a certified letter saying that he was failing his community service requirement.  I almost got in an accident reading it in the car.  Luckily, I took a few hours to call Jason who then called the director back. She was unaware of his trip to DR doing a medical mission.  Okay...all is well that ends well. 

Meanwhile, Eliza found this cute retelling of Princess and the Pea to add to our bookshelves.  The artwork is great.  
 I found this book to add to our shelves:

Again, I love the illustrations.  It also give a great explanations as to how the electoral college works for younger kids.

I also listened to a few of Dr. Purvis's videos.  She looks and acts so much like my mother that I have always enjoyed watching her.  I also love the way she explains attachment, discipline techniques, and so much more.


Ellen said...

I know this must be a very difficult period that you are in. I am sure your older children keep your mind occupied but it doesn't totally take away the angst of awaiting a new date. I love Karyn Purvis...I have enjoyed the dvds immensely. I hope you get some promising news soon and that you can feel the love and hopes and prayers of many fellow families.


emily said...

You are handling the wait with grave, strength and much faith! Praying for new news very soon.

emily said...

ok- holding Abe in one hand-----GRACE

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Glad you are keeping busy.

I met Dr. Purvis in person, and she is just as sweet, caring and knowledgeable in person. Sounds like you have a great mom, too!

Hoping you hear good news soon.

Sparkz said...

I am glad you are able to stay busy. It helps things- SOME. I hope you get your new court date soon. I hate the unknown of it all. I think that is the hardest, just like you said. The only thing you can do is give it to God, he who clothes the flowers and feeds the birds cares so much more about you. I know that doesn't help anything (per say) more but we're praying you and I know your praying for us got us through! I just hope you hear soon and that the news gives you some "peace" on this long ride. Its time for her to be home!

Jennifer said...

Unknowns are so hard; I hope you get some news very soon.
I listened to Dr. Purvis too, and need to view some more of her lectures. I really liked what she had to say.