Sunday, March 27, 2011

That's NOT Fair!

I have been in a Spring cleaning mode!  Getting rid, simplifying.  Yesterday Bella found an old picture frame filled with pictures of our family, that I had put in a box (okay, you are asking why...because I hate the pictures inside the frame...oops, pure vanity).  She was in none of them.  Did I mention Zach was probably 4y in them.  Our discussion went something like this:
Bella: "Where am I?"
Jason:  "Oh, Honey, you were not born yet."
Bella:  "But why am I not in the family picture? Everyone is there but me."
Me:  "You were not even born yet."
Bella:  "That's NOT fair."  And at this point the script would read...She stomps off, arms crossed, with the angriest face she can muster up...until gets into the other room, and the arms uncross, and a smile takes over the little scowl.  She grabs a baby doll and skips off.

You go girl!  I love this little pumpkin and all the "spunk and circumstance" that comes with her.


Kim said...

She sounds like my six year old :O).. gotta love 'em!

scooping it up said...

she's so funny!!

Bonnie Nieuwstraten said...

Hmm...this is SUCH a familiar refrain at my house too! Followed closely by, "That's not my favorite." I love the strong wills that these little Ethiopian girls have. But pictures are tough. Our house is covered with pics of Grace, but she still throws a fit when my older two pull out an old photo album that she's not in. No matter how many times we explain it, it's still tough.