Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update and Valentine's Day

Have you seen anything so beautiful as this little guy?  So sweet it hurts.  The sensation of watching his babyhood slip away, like beach sand through my fingers.  We are waiting.  We are waiting for USE to call our witnesses.  Tempted to travel, dial and hand over the phone.  But, truly I can't even go there.  Bella's adoption even with the delay was not this painful.  I can't even hear, "like labor, you will forget this."  I have decided to not post about it, though.  Can't.  Not yet.  I am praying without ceasing.  I now He has got this.

I am going to post about Valentine's Day.  I am so excited about what I am going to surprise Jason with.  It has been therapeutic to think about a new way of telling Jason, "I love you."  Whenever we have added a child to the family, we have made every effort to find ways to stay connected when we are exhausted, and pulled in a different direction.  Valentine's Day is falling just as we are about to add another little one.  So, I am surprising Jason with a dozen dates.  The catch,we are on a budget, college and adoption will do that to you.  My inspiration came from something I saw on Pinterest.

12 prepaid dates
Some of the dates I have planned:

World's End
1. Walk in World's End and hot chocolate.  There is something about the snow, the quiet, the deer, at dawn.

2. Brunch at Beehive Boston and skating on Frog pond.

3. Historic tour of the North End (downloaded to iPhone) and Mike's pastries.

4.  An evening at the Museum of Fine Arts (free every Wednesday) and then the cheese platter and wine at the restaurant.

Just to name few.  I have a few more than 12 that I have identified.  Now I have to take a few out.  All of the dates are inexpensive and pretty uncomplicated.  I tried to come up with some that were good in the winter, spring, summer, and fall.  Planning the dates have been so much fun.  The kids are helping.  I almost feel bad that he is missing out on that part.


coffeemom said...

I LOVE this idea!!! You're a genius and a romantic combined. Add those to my list from yesterday. just saying.
The praying without ceasing continues here too. WIll call after my teacher meeting. Hoping hoping.
I hate the perseverance lessons. I do. But, I know that they are good. STill.......xoxo M

Bonnie Nieuwstraten said...

LOVE this! Since we took our trip to DC before Christmas, Dave and I decided to not do gifts for each other. But we wanted to set aside time for dates. And we've done it, only once. To be fair, he's been in Africa. But you have inspired me to think of specific ideas and wrap them up!!

I will not send you any trite, meaningless sentiments as you wait. Just know that you are being prayed for. Really!!

David and Carrie said...

Thanks for stopping by! I have enjoyed following your blog...and am praying for a embassy sate soon! I love your idea for your husband...he is sure to love it!

scooping it up said...

what a great idea! you and E are still in my prayers. this is so stinking horrible that he isn't home yet. :(

Jenn said...

I take it Jason doesn't read your blog? :D

Jen said...

No Jason does not know we have a blog...just kidding...but he rarely reads it:)

becca said...

love your date idea!!! so creative.
and, praying for your case. it will all happen. (that knowledge doesn't untie the knots in your stomach... i know... sigh).
also? love love love microbio. it really is cool and i was so encouraged when you told me you loved the material!
hang in there...

HeidiD in CT said...

You had me at "World's End" ;) I've so been wanting to call, but like I never did in month 9 of any friends' pregnancies (which is much easier since you know you actually HAVE to end by week 42), I don't want to call and only say "well?!?!?" Please know that I'm thinking of you constantly and praying for you almost as much. You can do this and I know there are so many out there lifting you up to persevere.

I really can't wait until our next 4-hour play date at the park with an added little man! Sophie just asked again today if we could go to your house tomorrow. And Katie was regaling me with lots of Eliza wisdom just last week. Hugs to you all....

QB said...

Just came by to say I'm thinking of you and here if you want to talk. I love your Valentines plan, and I love your family.