Thursday, September 11, 2008


Jug stands for Justice Under God at a Jesuit high school.  It means detention.  Andrew has gotten one since he has been at BC High - for not making his friends clean up after themselves.  yes, we are responsible for our friends.  As a mother, I say thank you BC high.  His future wife will also say thank you.

I needed to laugh about Andrew.  He is driving Jason and me crazy!  Actually his cell phone is.  We have a rule that he needs to leave the cell phone downstairs to charge it after a certain time.  Yes, he does need a phone.  He calls us to let us know when he gets on the train, how he is getting home, etc.... Well, he has been sneaking it upstairs to talk to his girlfriend.  Long story short it has become a battle.  Silly, I know.  My solution is:  when you disregard the rule.  I get your phone and you get mine.  I am sure L and R (his gfriend and best friend) will enjoy catching up with me.  I have not had to follow through with that but I hate the battle.  Oh well.  Teenagers.

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Kristi J said...

I don't know much about teenagers yet, but my sister has a few and I'm watching her experience it first and hopefully learn from her. So glad to find your blog..I"ll watch your fun!!! Thanks for commenting, kristi