Monday, September 15, 2008

Wisdom and a discerning heart

This will be a somewhat scattered blog.

We went to our first Ethiopian celebration on Saturday.  We went to Enkutatash in Boston.  One of the families we were hoping to see, could not make it but we ran into other families that we knew and another PAP that I have become friendly with.  It was great to experience the food and a part of the culture.  The Ethiopian people who were there were so gracious and welcoming.  The are a beautiful people, and I do not mean simply in the physical sense.  We felt honored to be accepted into the group.  The kids tried Ethiopian food for the first time.  Initially, they were expecting it to be really spicy and they actually found it pretty mild.  Seeing the young children there, made us yearn for our child/ren.  Soon.  Patience.  Check out the stars of the party.  Eliza and her friend Justine think they are wonderful.  I have to agree.  Also, very rarely do you see a mom so comfortable in her role.  She is amazing, too.

In the Bible Study class that I am taking we are studying 1 Kings and 2 Kings.  I love history.  King Solomon is the first king that we are studying.  He apparently was a great king.  There is a strong connection between Queen of Sheba and King Solomon (I love this connection to Ethiopia).  The only thing King Solomon asked God for was a "discerning heart" with which to rule his people.  So I look up show good judgement.  Have you heard of the story in the bible about the two mothers fighting over the baby, each demanding that the baby was theirs.  I had, but did not know the names of the characters.  King Solomon was the king that said that he would cut the baby in half so that the mothers could share the baby.  The true mother replied that the other mother was the correct mother to save the infant.  King Solomon then knew who the true mother was.  (Please forgive the paraphrasing.)  

Given where we are in our life, this study has given me so much guidance.  I, too have asked for a discerning heart so that we can make a sound decision on the age, gender, medical issues, number of children, etc that we will be adopting.  I want to do what is right for the family that I have and the family that we are to become.  I also love the story of the two mothers.  In adoption, there are two mothers.  It is a reminder of the awesome responsibility we will have to our new child and the mother that is left with her arms empty.  I will need to be mindful of how we honor her, and keep her dreams for this child ever present.

Blogging experience.  One of the families that walked into the event on Saturday looked so familiar. I could not place them.  Why did I know them?  It took me a moment and then...I realized that I had been following their blog.  She was lovely. It is fun to meet in person, though.  Check her blog out.


Adoption Cubed said...

I truly think it is a gift how our adoptions speak to us in all aspects of our life and cause us to reflect. It sounds like your Bible study could not have come at a better time.

I am a bit jealous of you meeting some blog buddies. I have yet to do so! I am glad the get together was a success!

Nicholas said...

Hey lady! I came on your blog last night to "catch up on you and your family" and never had the chance to read through much! Drats!

My MP is away all this week and I can't wait to pull up to my computer and read your blog! It was great to meet you and I'm so glad you came over to introduce yourself - your daughter is just a joy! What a love!

I'm excited to follow along your journey to Ethiopia!

This most recent post is lovely and true - two mothers... I've been thinking SO much of Tessa birth mom the past few days and re-watched our video of the meeting in her home, it's the ugly side of adoption but so selfless too.

Adoption Cubed said...

Coffee club (decaf for the later hours, of course)? Yoga? Ahhh. Sounds wonderful.

Adoption Cubed said...

I had to chuckle at your brilliant insight because I almost titled my post, "sleep is overated". Great minds! I do think my task-oriented, planning nature works against me when it is time to rest. I guess I got tasks out of my system because I went to bed early last night and slept great! I guess I left the 3 a.m. wakings to you....Sorry.

I think you have created a yoga trend on my side of the country! I had a couple of people tell me they were going to try the child's pose after reading your brilliant insight. Want to be my yogi?

emily said...

Oh the birthmothers- incredibly selfless women. Meeting Abe's was the most brutal and beautiful thing that I have ever done. I'm so thankful for him that we did it and have pictures of the 2 of them together.

You are getting closer. :)

Sparkz said...

My computer is actually a good speed tonight so I figured I would post a few times!!! I am glad you and your family got to try the food it is SO good!

It is interesting the connection between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba! I really belive that God used this connection b/c it has really been something that Ethiopia is proud of and I think it has helped Christianity. A lot of the rulers would focus on the fact that they could trace their lineage back to Solomon and Sheba. If it happend or not, who knows. I wouldn't be surprised and I think it's great b/c the people of Ethiopia have stayed Christian in several regions and are proud of this fact! I love it!

I think Kings and James are my fav. books of the Bible!

Sparkz said...

By the way I love that you post about God and the Bible all of the time. Its so fun to read your thoughts!

QB said...

Thanks so much for the shout out and the huge compliment! I loved seeing you and your family and friend there. I'm planning on going to the playground on Saturday at 1 - hope to see you there or somewhere else soon.