Thursday, September 18, 2008


Okay, so Gladney has had my home study for review since last Monday.  They did say it would take up to 10 business days to review.  Okay, that would mean tomorrow.  Not any word, though.  It is killing me.  I am waiting to be on the "wait list."  I am going to be horrible when we are waiting for a referral.  I am going to be even worse when we are waiting to go pick up that sweet child/ren.  Have I mentioned that I am impatient?  Have I mentioned that I hate waiting?  I was okay until this afternoon.  Then it all fell apart.  (I feel like I am back in 2nd grade.  What if I/we don' get picked?  What if they don't think we are good enough?  Why haven't we heard?)  For all of you who waited with grace...I need a lesson, quickly.  Gosh, I really have not even made it on the wait list and I am not doing this with much grace:)  


Adoption Cubed said...

We had a hard, long wait with our homestudy. And I don't say that to be discouraging because I am hoping you get your news tomorrow! I hear your anxiousness. It was a tough, ugly wait.

Those timelines can be tricky and hard on your patience as well.

Hang in there! Crossing my fingers and toes for news tomorrow!

Ellen said...

The part of the process you are in is very hard. We switched countries and agencies midstream and every time I thought we had cleared the last hurdle there was another one. With that being said, we are also with Gladney and I know that their thoroughness is such a blessing. I am so lucky to have chosen them for our adoption. We made waitlist on August 4 so while we have a ways to go, I have been pleased every step of the way.

Hang in there - you are in good hands!