Thursday, July 2, 2009

Building an Ark

No, seriously, we are. This ran in the Globe today. We need sun. July holds so much promise. for sun and more.

We are waiting for a court date. That means all the paperwork is sorted out. I will post more on this one day, just not yet. Quiet comfort knowing that we may be able to hold our little one soon. Praying that the court date is not elusive and that it is successful.

Andrew's team won at the USA Nationals Club Tournament and is going to Finals in Virginia at the end of the month. So much soccer.

Zach's team competes next weekend. If they win their national finals is in Florida same weekend. Sorry boys, I hope to be out of the country with your dad: )

I had the nicest albeit rainy day..... I got to play with these beautiful twins. Can't wait to add a playmate to the mix...


emily said...

Just know that court date is coming soon!! Love knowing that our 2 are sleeping, playing and eating together. Thank you Lord for that gift.

Sparkz said...

Just checking in to see if you got your court date! Can't wait until you get it! Sounds like you have and have had a lot going on.