Friday, September 4, 2009

Preparations are underway. (8 days and counting)

Prep continues.

We have our travel plans down. Driving to NY, flying out Emirates. Staying at Ayat 2. that seemed to be the easiest part of the planning.

We have Jason's father staying with the boys. We were going to get a recently graduated college student to stay with them but then Andrew got sick. A nice little reminder that they may need more than a chaperon at night.

We have all of our documents ready. Bela's clothes are collected and ready for packing. Humanitarian aid is almost completely packed.

Some of the other preps-

Made a 2 paper chains with Zach. One for when we leave and one for when we come back. Even though he is 10, he has enjoyed the visual.

Dogs to kennel-that way when Bela gets home she is not traumatized by two friendly but large dogs.

Stocking freezer for father-in-law and beyond. I am going next Wednesday to Make and Take. Check it out if you have one. You can make full dinners (feeds 6-8) or half dinners (feed 3-4). What's nice is you have the flexibility to make what your family will like. I like to keep a couple in the freezer for those nights that time gets away from me, or we have a late game. They are good and so much better than pizza or fast food and much less expensive than take out.

Collecting small (inexpensive items) to put together a bag for each boy so they know that we are thinking of them. We can not count on being able to talk or connect with them. So this is our way of just touching base with a quick I love you each morning. The small items include magic tricks, a book, candy, Gatorade jelly beans, a gas card, a dunkin donuts card (remember I have a 17 year old).

Getting a few gifts together for in country staff:)

That is just a few of the prep items. Some of the more fun ones. We are 8 days away from getting on a plane and 10 days away from meeting our little one. WOW! We got a picture yesterday... could she possibly have gone from 2 to 16 over night? Love the eye roll. Truly, when I see this baby smile, I think I will cry (now, that will be be confusing for her, won't it?)


coffeemom said...

OH, I know I will! Cannot wait! Love M

Jennifer said...

Oh, i think she is smiling here.....her chubby little cheeks are preventing a full on smile! So cute, and,yes, so mature looking in this photo!

Heidi said...

How wonderful that you are almost there! Looking forward to seeing pictures of you with her in your arms :)


Susan and Chad said...

Awesome! See you at the Ayat!

Chris and Dawn said...

Can't wait to meet you guys in Addis (or Dubai rather!). I can't believe it's almost time!

Nicholas said...

I have butterflies thinking about it!!!

Sparkz said...

She is getting so big! Wow, lots of changes. Have a fun trip!

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

You're ALMOST there!!!

Hope the last minute details go smoothly and have a trip of a lifetime as you bring you little one home.

Take care!

Justine said...

Can not wait to see her in your arms! Counting the days with you.

Rahel said...

she is looking so big! my, oh my!