Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You know you are a PAP when....

Bella 5/2011

How do you know that you are preparing to adopt:
1.  Like Pavlov's dog you have been trained to respond to the sound of the mailman's truck.  Your hearing has become so acute that you can hear the halted hum from a half mile away.
2.  Your calender is broken into segments...we could get our referral, we could be traveling for court (no planning a trip to Disney), we could be traveling to pick up (no planning a trip to Disney), we will be home for one month (no planning a trip to Disney.)
3.  You start planning your 20th anniversary get away and start wondering if Ethiopia would be a perfect fit :)
4.  You spend way too much time on blogs....time sucker!
5.  You start to dream about holding a little body that has to learn your sound and smell as much as you need to learn theirs.  But for some reason, it will feel right.

What have we been doing.....

Popsicles on the front steps with BFF.

End of year concert for CBS

Graduation parties are so much fun when there are other little girls!

My BFF turns 6!

End of year dance recital.  

School is coming to a close.  Today, for Eliza.  Then, Eliza volunteers at a therapeutic riding camp.  In two weeks for Zach.  Not sure what he will be doing...ugh.  Andrew has been home for over a month.  He is working, four different jobs.  No kidding.  He is up before 6.  Heads to the golf course.  The he fits in the other jobs around that.  It is so nice to have him home, though. 

I love summer.  I have read a couple great books this week...Someone Knows My Name (a must read...riveting) and Choosing to See (by MaryBeth Chapman, grab a box or two of tissues).  I sign up for nursing classes next week.  Letting God work out the timing.  I will take time off when Teddy Bear gets home.  And after that...we will figure it out where Jason or I will have him, taking night classes, etc.  I ended up getting more transfer credit than I expected.  I thought that I would have to re-take chemistry and calculus.  Not so.  Yeah!  I am in no hurry.  The seminar class that everyone has to take...Understanding HIV.  I am so excited about that one!  I have Bella on the wait list for a preschool in Boston.  I could not be more excited for her.  The diversity of the staff and students is AWESOME!  So we put one step in front of the other.  Trusting.

Meanwhile...I stalk the mailman.  Waiting for our CIS approval.  Waiting to move forward on the adoption.  Waiting, trusting, and reading:)

***I do have three other kids...who won't let me take pictures... I may try and sneak a few in :)


scooping it up said...

loves this post. totally get it.

also, sounds like you guys need Staci to take some family photos. ;)

Rachel Sarah said...

You're doing good! Keep persevering. We considered our Ethiopia trip our 10th anniversary trip... and we're totally OKAY with that! :)

Jen said...

You pretty much summed up last summer for us! The waiting was so hard, but I am loving the end result!! :)

Christy. said...

We were TOTALLY there 18 months ago... Hoping and praying it's soon!! I can't wait until you are on that wait list with CHI!!!

QB said...

Love this update. Love the photos. Love summer. Love Eliza doing theraputic riding camp. Love Andrew home. Love the ethiopia anniversary idea. Love Bella in Boston. Love it all. Miss you. Are you guys around/free at all tomorrow or over the weekend? Sorry I've been so MIA.

coffeemom said...

I always love seeing the pics. Your other kids are missing out, because Bella has her own cheering section! I'm stalking the phone call telling me the mailman brought the goods! Gonna happen....soon!

Rebecca said...

Completely with you on all these! Bella is adorable - as always!