Saturday, July 12, 2008

All the people that affect us and our children....

This picture is of us, a foster child of ours, and his new family.  For them, it was such a joyous day, a new brother and son.  For us, it was bittersweet; excited because he was united with his "forever family" and so sad because we knew we might never see him again .  He was our sweet borrowed baby for 12 weeks. 

Now, I think about our sweet child so many hundreds of miles away.  Who is leaving their impression on him/her?  Has that sweet child been born?  Who is comforting her/him?  Who is comforting the birth mother?  Who's heart will be broken when the sweet child is united with us?  What great adventure does God have in store for our family?

The summer continues at break neck speed.  Next Thursday, I have my brother's 4 children( 7m-8y) coming while his wife whisks him away for a weekend away.  We are going to have "cousins camp."  We are planning to tie-die t-shirts, a trip to the zoo, and bowling to name just a few activities.  I am open to any and all suggestions.  I should be thoroughly exhausted by the end.  It is one of their first weekends away.

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Adoption Cubed said...

Hi! I just found your blog and have enjoyed catching up on your posts!

I hope you post pictures of your "Cousins Camp"! I am wanting to do that for my kiddos and their cousins - such a neat idea!

Looove the Jason Mraz music! You've got good taste! :)