Saturday, July 5, 2008

Holiday Weekend

The boys ran in the Road Race. Eliza and I greeted them at the end. Went home changed and then went to a holiday parade. Followed by two barbecues. In all a fun-filled and exhausting day!

Sent off contract to KSB on Thursday. Feels good to start checking big chunks of paperwork off.


Leah Reeves said...


Thanks for visiting our blog. Trust me, all the work is worth it when they had you your child. I lived on blogs before Gabre came home. Gongrats on going back to school.

HeidiD in CT said...

Thanks for your message - I love yours too. And I have to ask - without giving up any privacy - do you live in the town where the boys ran the July 4th road race? Because I grew up there! I recognize the yellow building behind you at the finish line. I have run that many times - not lately. Email me if you are b/c my mom is still there and we'd love to meet you when we're up there next! hdaileader at optonline dot net.