Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day after

Cousins Camp I is officially over.  We had a ball.  Everyone is exhausted and satisfied.  Maybe next year we will have another participant:)  Eliza and Zach were wonderful with their cousins and their cousins were absolute delights.  If I get a little more tech savvy I will upload a video that I hope will make you laugh.

On the adoption front:
I600A went out with the home study to follow.
I had my physical yesterday afternoon (I have to go back to repeat one test).
I had my blood work today.
J completed his physical and blood work yesterday.
Now all we are waiting on:
Kids physicals
My repeat test
Kids recommendations of their parents:)
Visits 2, 3, and 4 or the home study

YEAH!!!!  I am so excited.  (truth be told-a little nervous about the test that I have to repeat).  It is all coming together.  I want to get "our" sweet child home and we are still so far away from that day.

PS Andrew was great too but he has been gone for a while at a soccer camp at Holy Cross.


Lori S said...

Wow, you're moving right along. The process will go faster than you think and you'll have your new addition(s) before you know it!

Sparkz said...

You've got a lot done! Its nice to knock those steps out! You'll be on the waitlist soon!

Amber said...

Thanks for visiting my site. It took us forever to get everything in our dossier done becasue we both work full time jobs but most people get things done rather quickly. It sounds like you are moving right along.
I look forward to talking with you more.