Tuesday, July 29, 2008

God's Wonder

There are times in my life that I sit back in wonder of the direction that God is taking me.  What a ride, if we only let Him.  

The adoption is one of those wonders.  How far we have come!  From first timidly thinking about it to fiercely wanting it.  We went from not being open to attachment issues (so not wanting to consider an older child) to fully expecting some and being open to a sibling pair.  He does amazing work on hearts and minds.

Another wonder is how He is working in my children's lives.   I see Him working in Zach's prayers.  This child can not go to bed without praying with us every night.  He prays for a neighbor with cancer, his teacher's mother, 6 children who lost their mother several years ago.  We do not prompt him to add names.  He hears something and adds them on his own.  I could learn that complete trust that God is there listening from this child.  I see Him working in Eliza's determination to help the needy.  She does not hesitate to babysit for nothing, to scour the neighborhood for the lost pet, help injured wildlife, and to challenge her parents to be all that they can be.  There is no easy out with this child, from rescuing a muddy dog in a thunderstorm (have I mentioned that I am a little scared of all dogs but my own) to exploring adoption in a world she has never seen but had only heard of and then bringing it to the table until our hearts softened to it and then embraced it.  I see Him working on Andrew.   Andrew has been asked to be a "captain" of a part of a volunteer organization that the Red Sox run*.  Eight boys had training tonight at Fenway Park done by Jason Varitek.  The boys can come up with a community service project and the Red Sox will help facilitate it.  In wonder, I see Him working on Andrew's heart.  Imagine being given the task of finding a need and then being given the resources to start fulfill the need.   For a boy that has been given so much, I love that he is being prompted to look outside of himself to find the needs.  The fact that it involves the Red Sox, in a family of Red Sox fans, is simply a nice bonus.  Again, I sit back in wonder.  I wish that I could take some credit but truly my hand is not in it.  His is.

My devotional today:
I am the Lord your God, who holds your right hand, and I tell you, "Don't be afraid.  I will help you."  Isaiah 41:13

When I am not afraid and trust, amazing things can happen.

* Andrew helped some doctors going to the Dominican Republic by running a baseball glove drive at his school and area colleges.  He sent over 600 gloves to the poor and sick children that the doctors treated.


Lori S said...

It is amazing how God works in the lives of our children. It was so neat to hear about your 3 children and how God is using them. I think you can take some of the credit--after all God works through you too!

Sparkz said...

I love this post! Its amazing what God does in our lives. He is wonderful. I never would have thought anything could have changed me from adopting from Vietnam and He changed my heart and I am SO glad he did. I have loved finding out about Ethiopia, the culture, the people, etc. more than I would have ever realized! I can't wait for our sweet baby either. I know he/she is a perfect gift from God. It's great to hear about your children and their love for God. It's REALLY neat to hear about all the self-less things they do. I hope our kids are that way someday and realize how great He is! Thanks for sharing this post!

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

God is preparing your whole family, isn't He. So exciting to see you progressing down this journey.