Saturday, October 18, 2008

Beautiful New England Saturday

On this beautiful Saturday morning.  I find that I am in the house alone.  Eliza is off riding.  Zach and Jason are off at a soccer match about an hour away.  Andrew is at his team's soccer match, watching.  I have just completed my CBS lesson and have moved on to studying for my Anatomy and Physiology test.  Before that though, I have decided to sit and pray for a moment for:

Biopsy.  My father who is raising Chris (age 13) alone goes in for a biopsy next month.  My parents adopted Chris when he was a few years old.   My mother was killed five years ago (long story for another day).  For Chris's sake and the rest of us, we need everything to be okay.

Mild concussion.  Andrew got a mild concussion in the game on Wednesday.  He is out for today's game but hopefully will be back playing this next week, strong and healthy.

Lost paperwork. Still waiting for our i171. They needed to see some original documents, so we sent them those over a week ago.  Did I say that they are the originals that seem to be lost?  I keep thinking, "in God's time." They will find them. We will eventually get the i171.  It is an exercise in patience and peace.

Blog friends.  Needing a successful court date or for their baby to be revealed.

Samuel.  Most of you know who I mean.  He and his family have been at the top of my list.  

The list keeps getting longer and I have gotten less shy to ask for prayers.


Nicholas said...

Give that beautiful girl a big hug from me and Tessa - I smile whenever I see her face on the blog! What a beauty inside and out!

Another great post -

QB said...

Man, you have a lot going on. I will say prayers for you, your dad, Andrew, and your CIS paperwork.

Adoption Cubed said...

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Kristi J said...

Wow...I didn't know your parents had adopted...what a wonderful legacy to leave to you...Is that what inspired you to want to adopt?? Kristi

Sparkz said...

I have been trying to post to this one at home several times and it hasn't went through so I decided I would do it today when I got to work! Top priority! :)

I'll continue to pray for your family. That's a lot to deal with and a lot of stress. Of course it's all in Gods hands so there is no need to stress, but still....

Have you got any updates on your i171?