Friday, November 21, 2008


Week 2.  

Not too much to tell, this week.  I would characterize the mood in the house as patiently excited.  It is so cold in New England.  Andrew is in Florida for National Finals for Super Y.  Before I had a soccer player, this would have been Greek.  How did he get so lucky to be in the relative warmth?  His soccer season with his high school is officially over.  He knows that he made his conference all-star and he will also be captain next year.  In all, a nice way to end the season.  Last year he was an all star as well, but he also fractured his hip.  I was more concerned about the injury than I was excited about him making all-star.  I was not convinced he would be able to play again.  What a difference a year makes!

Eliza and a friend are so excited to see the Twilight movie.  Zach and I will find something fun to do together.  I will have to find some time to study for my A&P final coming up.

A few referrals came in this week.  It is so exciting to see families being made and growing.  We are starting to think about the bedroom configurations.  This is the first time that I feel no pressure to get a nursery set up.  The first time that I am willing "to fly by the seat of my pants."  It is actually fun, to not know the who, the how many, and the when.  Let's see if I still think that it is fun in month 6!  I think not.  


Adoption Cubed said...

Woo Hoo! Another week marked off the list! I am glad the good life is keeping you all patiently excited. Good luck with your final studies!

emily said...

flying by the seat of your pants huh?? :) Love it!

Tell your crew Abe says "hi"! :)

Lori S said...

Yaaay! One week closer to knowing the who and how many!
Sounds like soccer is a big deal in your house--how fun!

Kristi J said...

We're out of bedrooms around here..not sure where we'll put Lucy when she arrives..but like you said..I have plenty of I'm not worried about it..another week behind you (: kj

Tami said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Your family is very cute. It is an exiting process isn't it. I look forward to your journey. Look for my new blog soon.

Sparkz said...

Ohh I loved the Twilight movie. It made me want to see the books. I have heard that people who read the books didn't like the movie though.

Your getting close to 3!