Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday J

Yesterday, was your birthday and you spent it on a bus going to watch the inauguration.  You have become part of our family.  Your mom is one of my great friends.  Her mom is an inspiration in her own right. J and Eliza share so many qualities that I sometimes feel like they are twins separated at birth.  J is quiet and nurturing.  She loves animals and orphans.  She has a strong sense of right/wrong and responsibility.  I love those moments when her laughter bubbles over that quiet demeanor.  She fits into our family so easily.  This is a child that I will know the rest of my life.  I am going to her wedding and baptisms even if I have to crash them :)


emily said...

Isn't it sweet how He brings these other special children into our lives to enrich them?

You hanging in there??? :)

Nicholas said...

So precious!

Lori S said...

What a sweet post!
Thanks for your comment on my blog. The girls absolutely love school. They are coming along with their english. It may take a little longer since they still communicate with each other in amharic.
I'll try to post more on how they are adapting!

Sparkz said...

Thats neat she has found such a great friend!