Monday, January 26, 2009


Week 11 complete.  This may have been our busiest week.  
*My Dad's 70th birthday celebration was wonderful.  He is great physically and mentally.  Seeing my sisters and brother was nice, also.  We got home, Saturday night.  
*Early Sunday morning Eliza was dropped off at her school to go to the inauguration.  She had an amazing time.  I received a text from her saying, "Stood where MLK gave his speech.  Most moving few seconds of my life."  
*That same day we picked up Gao, our chinese exchange student.  He is a lovely young man, and so quiet.  I don't think I know any boys his age that are so quiet.  We have taken him bowling, sledding, and to the movies.  Andrew had a get together at our house of way too many boys and another exchange student.  Poor Gao, was a little overwhelmed by the noise.  
*A&P II started this week.  I am excited to get the cobwebs off the mind, again.  I have looked into nursing programs.  I feel good about my options.  the next year will be fairly uncertain, though, with little M coming home and settling in.  We will see how that goes before I commit to anything.  The good news is that my sciences don't expire for 10 years. 
*Jason took me for my 41st bday to a Toby Keith concert and a night at a spa.  We did not know what to expect from the concert, but it was great.  The spa treatment was great.  My favorite thing was time alone with him.
*Working out, again.  Okay, I hate to work out.  I hate sweating.  I love yoga, but I am not sure that that I enough.  Especially if I am going to be carrying around 30lbs.  I have hit the weights... another step closer to Little M.

Movement on the addendum is slow.  Think molasses in January.  I am expecting the notarized copies this week.  Once I get those, I can turn around and send it to CIS.  Who knows how long that will take?!  I am starting to feel really excited.  Something that I have not allowed myself to think about.  I have read so many books.  Some I like, some I don't.  Some, its hard to know if I will like them after Little M comes home.

I heard a great quote this week.  Worry about your appearance only if you have nothing better to offer the world.


Adoption Cubed said...

I love the picture of you and your dad. I am glad it was a good birthday celebration.

Eliza's text message brought me to tears. Wow!

And you! Excited about A&P II and nursing options! You amaze me and inspire me!

I am glad some progress is being made with the addendum - even if it feels like it is still moving slow. It will happen!! I am excited that you are letting yourself feel excited!

Here's to week 12!

Lori S said...

Happy 11 weeks!! That is exciting! I will be excited with you! I'm sure A&P II will be so much fun that this time will pass quickly!! (o:

How nice that you got together with all of your family for your dad's birthday! Seeing the picture of you with your dad reminded me of the story about your mom. It must be hard to celebrate without her!

God Bless!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Congrats on your upcoming adoption. Are you adopting boy, girl, what age?
Check out John 15. It is the scripture reference for the "pruning" I was talking about. I think you will be inspired. So glad to hear you are diving deeper into the word and your relationship with the Lord. It will change your life. BTW, I love the music on your blog.

emily said...

Great forethought on the working out thing- my back is killing me right now from carrying Abey around all the time. :)

Your dad looks amazing- good genes!!

coffeemom said...

Great great pics! I know the addendum feels like molasses, I SO know that feeling. But it's gonna zip I think once it's done, and the fact are stepping one step after the other toward this next child. So exciting!

And that quote? I'm loving it...let me tell you, that quote gets more and more appealing as you trek thru your forties!

Sparkz said...

Congrats! Its nice to see the weeks fly by, huh! :)

Glad your dad had a good birthday. Must be a great month for birthdays! Several of my family memebers and a couple close friends all have birthdays this month!