Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

Jason coaches a club soccer team.  He and the other coach and manager made a deal with the boys.  If they went undefeated the whole year they would shave their hair off.  Tonight they had to pay up.  Pizza and clippers at our house for a 10-0 season.  Great job boys.

Derek getting his locks shaved off.

Jason getting his new look.

This was the threesome before.

The boys got new shirts to commemorate their season.


emily said...

Great job and way to be a good sport!!!

Ellen said...


Adoption Cubed said...

A perfect season!!! A good team effort, I'm sure. And what brave coaches and manager. Or perhaps they were hoping for the summer haircut?!? And brave you for having the team celebration at your house!!!


Sparkz said...

I love the title. Very clever!

I am done as of yesterday! I am glad. I got tired of taking him to daycare and just wanted to spend the days w/him myself!

Looks like you've been busy. Have you been enjoying the book at all?

coffeemom said...

Love it, love it, love it!! And they all look great!! What great coaches they must be, no wonder they all had such a great season!! Bravo to all of them!!!!

Fun fun fuN!!

Sparkz said...

Ooh we are picking blueberries this weekend. I would love a recipe!