Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Eliza!

The many faces of Eliza.  Happy 14th birthday.  Fourteen things I love about you! (And it was hard to limit the list:)
1. I love you for wanting nothing for your birthday but to sponsor a three year old named Temesgan from Ethiopia. (She found a sponsorship program through World Vision that allows her to write to him.)
2. I love that you want to go to John Hopkins to be a Pediatric Surgeon.
3. I love that you might be the goofiest 14 year old that I have ever known.
4. I love that you don't care if you are not the best dancer or singer but dance and sing anyway.
5. I love that you love the underdog.
6. I love that you love to read.
7. I love that you love your brothers.
8. I love that you have a heart for adoption even before your parents did.
9. I love that you choose Vivien Thomas as your person to research for your history project.  (if you don't know who he is look him up, I did...he is amazing.)
10. I love your heart shaped lips and face.
11.  I love that you love horses and dogs when all the other girls your age love shoes and purses.
12. I love that you want to go to Africa and work when you are older.
13. I love that you loan your older brother money to take his girlfriend out.
14. I love that I get to be your mom... what a privilege.  You have taught me so much.

Happy Birthday Eliza!  


Nicholas said...

Oh Happy Birthday sweetheart! You are one AMAZING, amazing young woman and the world is blessed to have you be a part of it! You do and will continue to bless everyone who meets you -

xoxo Lori & Tessa Bezu xoxo

Lori S said...

Happy 14th birthday!!

Eliza sounds like a wonderful young lady! What a great idea to write 14 things you love about her!

Kristi J said...

Happy B-day sweet girl!!! Can't believe you have a 14 year old. Mine will be there before I know it. You all don't get monthly update calls??? I love talking to someone in person...I'm hoping for a Christmas baby, kristi

coffeemom said...

Happy belated bday! Happy bday to you too mom, it's just as big a day for you! Love the list, and coffeedoc went to the Hop too for med school! Big dreams and big adventures ahead for your beautiful big girl! M

Adoption Cubed said...

Happy (late) Birthday Eliza! May this year bring more grace, wisdom, and adventures!

QB said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ELIZA! Jen, I hope that I have a relationship with my daughters like you have with Eliza. Your/her 14 things are so cool. She is really extraordinary and has a ridiculously beautiful heart shaped face and lips to match her beautiful heart.

Sparkz said...

I don't think I ever posted on this. I think this is such a sweet post! I love that you did something like this for your daughter. You can tell you love her so much. I am stealing this idea for our son b/c I think it is neat! Of course the first few years it might have to be the 1- hundred things or something b/c I am sure I won't be able to stop at one!