Saturday, December 13, 2008

Week Five, Exams, Ornament Hospitals, and other Christmas happenings.

A busy week that flew by.  

I had my A&P exam and lab exam.  I am so glad it is over and that I did well.  Nursing school is more and more competitive so I need to do well.  

I am relieved to have it done, though.  I now can savor Christmas.  I did not want to decorate, read the stories, make the cookies and gingerbread houses until I could really enjoy it.  This weekend we will get the tree. (I know you are thinking she is so late....I am.  When I was a kid, I saved my favorite Halloween candy until the end...this too... I save my most favorite things to when there is nothing to detract, no obligations hanging over our head.  We will play our Christmas music, have eggnog, and decorate the tree.  One of the fun things that we do, is have an ornament hospital as we decorate.  Any ornaments that broke during the previous year or during unpacking go to the ornament hospital.  Someone triages them and someone else fixes them.  We staff the hospital with super glue, hooks, and various little items.  Occasionally there is no hope but most of the time...they make it to the tree.

As for week 5 being finished... time is passing without much angst.  I know that the holiday makes it so.  The excitement makes the holiday even more special.  So far, so good.  The past few weeks,  friends have passed court and are preparing for travel and another got her referral for a sweet little boy, others are waiting.  What an amazing process- watching families being made and growing.


emily said...

Ornament hospital? Precious!

Good job on the exam- I'm so proud of you and all you are doing right now. :)

Lori S said...

I'm glad you are done with a&p and ready to enjoy the Christmas season!
I also liked the ornament hospital idea!

Sparkz said...

I hate tests. UG :(. I know what you mean about being able to savor the holiday now! :) I am glad your done w/that one and that you did well! Congrats!

I agree, it seems like it has been TOO busy recently!

It's funny b/c I save my decorating until I can enjoy it. Usually I play a christmas cd, this year it was an Ethiopian cd! I enjoyed it all so much! Glad you were able to enjoy it and make goodies!

I love the ornament hospital! What a great and fun idea! I'll have to remember that one!

I can't wait to see YOUR family grow! :)

Nicholas said...

Now THAT is something I've never heard of and it's spectacular! What an awesome Mom!!

Congratulations on finishing your nursing exam, yahoo, bring on Christmas!

Warm thoughts to you -

Kristi J said... you are in school too?? Wow, I had no idea...that is crazy!! You are very busy!! Good luck with all your exams...I can't imagine thinking on an adult level anymore...I don't think i could pass a test if I tried ;) kristi

Kristi J said...

My aunt has her doctorate in nursing and went to school all while her 4 kiddos (my 1st cousins) were young...she loved it. Her hubby (my uncle) is a doctor, so it gave them something in common....Way to keep up those brain cells...i think mine might be way to gone by now, ha kristi

coffeemom said...

It's NOT too late to get your tree!!! We will get ours this weekend and don't forget: it's ADVENT, the prep to christmas! And Christmas doesn't start until 12:01, Christmas day, and then it lasts u ntil Ephiphany, Jan you are right on time! Enjoy!
Lvoe M

HeidiD in CT said...

Hi - I've been SO lax in the blogging world these days, but wanted to see if you're in H over the holidays? We might be coming up between Christmas and New Years and would love to try to squeeze in a visit!