Saturday, March 7, 2009

Amazing Grace

Click on this link to hear some thing amazing! (turn off the music to the left and then turn up your volume... you will not be disappointed)  This song was written by a reformed slave runner. He wrote this song when he understood all that he did.  The story behind the song is what I call a "techno-color moment."  It is the moment the Wizard of Oz is in color and you can 't go back to black and white.   We all have those moments in our lives that we have learned/seen/experienced something so amazing/heartbreaking/awe-inspiring that we can not go back to life as we knew it.  Becoming a parent for the first time was just one of those moments, for me.  I continue to hear things from people who have gone to Ethiopia that they come back "changed."  I imagine that they have experienced one of those "techno-color moments."  I imagine, that I, too will see my life pre-Ethiopia and post-Ethiopia.  One of my friends is doing something about it.  Check it out.


Kim said...

WOW! You should have warned readers to grab the Kleenex before viewing that version of Amazing Grace. INCREDIBLE. And Lori ... I love her passion and we are supporting her cause!

emily said...


So proud of Lori!!!!

Sparkz said...

Amazing Grace is a great movie.

You wrote this well. I think it might be one of those "techno-color moments" when we go. I know it will be hard to see so much poverty, etc. It is a really neat thought! :)

Thanks for checking in on us!

Nicholas said...

I totally cannot believe it's happened! I cannot wait to see her precious face - please?????

I have to bath two naked people right now, but I'll be back to drink in every detail!!