Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Week 1 PR (post referral)

I really want to keep this as a journal for B.  I want her to know how much she meant to us before she came home.  So the counting continues.  We are one week post referral, waiting for a court date.  What have we been doing:
-studying her picture, imagining her little body adding a different energy to the house.
-preparing a little care package for her-photo album, love, cardigan, and a small toy
- because she is considered an older child (2+) we were able to write her a letter that Gladney will translate and read to her.  Wow!  What a gift to us, but more difficult than I thought it would be!  What do you write to a toddler who has never met you?  We went the "we love you and are getting ready for you" route.  We also were able to include a photo.  (See above.)  We had to wait until 8:30 before everyone was home at the same time.  We made a poster (cropped because it has her name on it) and then took the picture with the timer mechanism.  Yeah!  It turned out, with a couple funny out takes where we were trying to figure out how to work the camera:)
-stalking those returning from Ethiopia to see if they may have caught a glimpse of our little girl or captured her in a photo
-serious nesting.  See post below on patience.  Wow, did I fail yesterday to show patience.  I was a bear to any and all that made a mess.  My kids do something that I refer to as a "Frosty" as in the snowman.  They come into the house and disrobe as if they had melted and left their clothes in a puddle.  I usually have a sense of humor about it, not these days.  I went back and read my I was better.  I hope to be even better tomorrow.  I have time (unfortunately).  I do not have to get everything organized and set for B this week.  
-even more motivation to workout.  I want to carry her around...I need more upper body strength.  by product of working out-more energy and I feel strong and healthy.
-lots of praying-to keep her healthy, to prepare her little heart for a change, to prepare us to meet all of her needs (emotional and physical), speedy and successful court date
-talking and emailing friends.  I have made some amazing new friends in the past year.


Anonymous said...

A huge congrats! Praying for your swwet daughter to come home soon!!!

emily said...

So excited that sweet little miss will see her beautiful family so soon! What an amazing journey this has been- so thankful the Lord brought us together when He did. :)

Amy B. said...

I may have pictures of your 2 year old. I just returned on Saturday from Ethiopia. I went with Laura B. and Lindsay C. If you would like me to look just email me a picture so that I can compare and I would be happy to check.

Ron & Maria said...

Hey there!
Email me. Where in MA are you? We're in CT.

coffeemom said...

GREAT pic!! This is so M

Justine said...

Oh, it must feel so good to finally be able to plan. I hope you hear about your court date real soon. No news for us yet but rumor has it, next week could be a big week. Trying not to get my hopes up but I'm hoping to have good news to share soon ( :

p.s. love the family photo.

Kristi J said...

Congrats...that is so awesome!! I'm so happy for you guys....Love seeing the family pic, kristi

Adoption Cubed said...

I am so glad you are getting to write letters to B and that she is getting to hear your words. I think our first letter was the most difficult (not sure what to say) but loved being able to reach out to Abebe each month.

Sparkz said...

I love this picture it is so cute!