Friday, March 6, 2009


Week Seventeen done!  For some reason this was a hard week for me.  I felt like my wheels were spinning.  I want to start planning and preparing for Little M.  Then I am reminded, "Man plans  and God laughs".  I think the most difficult part of the waiting is not seeing anyone on the FBI move.  Then Friday morning and there is movement.  One family through court, and three families hit the referral list.  Yeah! It is amazing how much better I feel.  Meanwhile, I stalk the FBI list.  You would think that an exam in Anatomy and Physiology and committee work would keep me busy!


Ellen said...

The FBI is much more important than committee work or an A&P test!! Hands down!!

Today is the first day I have felt weary from the wait. Antsy before? yes but just plain old weepy I am thrilled for families represented in the movement up ahead and yet this week has been harder than most.

Keep your chin up! Peace

emily said...

17 wow!! You are waiting well my friend.

Sparkz said...

It is so true, and made ME laugh, man plans and God laughs! It is hard not to see the list move but know that HIS time is what is important. I'm telling you our son was meant for US and the waiting was to get everything ready on his side. Anyway hang in there. Your referral will be here before you know it. I know that doesn't help right now though...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the prayers. We need them for the 16. I know God will provide.

Adoption Cubed said...

Another week down. Another week closer. The weight of the wait gets so tough and thick. Work through it. Keep holding on to hope and faith. It will come.

I am praying for you!