Saturday, June 28, 2008


Working on the I600A.  Disposition came today.  We can move forward with the I600A.  The disposition says that J has no criminal record.  Let this be a lesson to those fraternity boys who think that a fraternity prank is not a big deal.  A marriage and three kids later, it is more than an annoyance. 

We are also moving on finding an agency to do our home study. I am waiting for all my DVDs to come in the mail for our Hague Training.  Everything is moving.  Sometimes it feels really slow but at other times it gains in momentum.  The kids are starting to get really excited.  It is seeming more real to them.

J and the boys are going to New Jersey early tomorrow for a college showcase tournament for Rew.  Yes, soccer.  Rew is playing for a new team.  Z is he best fan.  He can not get enough soccer.  Eliza and I will hold the fort down.  She has Justine coming tomorrow for a sleep-over and a special girls night out.

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