Friday, June 13, 2008

What is your uncommon call to an uncommon life?

This is what a year and a haircut will do.  Andrew and Jasper last year and then this year.  I loved the message that Max Lucado had on his newsletter today.  We have "and uncommon call to an uncommon life."  He gives a lot of scripture, as well.  1 Corinthians 12-7 is one that I will think on today.  It says: Each person is given something to do that reveals God.  As a parent we have a responsibility to help or to guide our children to discover that something.  Not to tell them what it is.  With a 16 year old in the house that is forever on the forefront of our and his mind.  Grades, college, soccer.  He is a great kid.  Kind, funny, humble, athletic, and social.  There in lies the problem.  This child is is not putting much into his academics.  He does okay.  After our initial frustration with his mediocre grades, I receive the newsletter from Max Lucado.  The scripture says each person - not each person's parents- is given some gift to reveal God.  I must help him only in the guidance.  He must work to discover what that gift is, not me.  Truly, as soon as I figured that out, I could concentrate on what I need to be doing to reveal Him, myself.  That "uncommon life" is what we are trying to achieve. 

As we move forward on the adoption journey I go from being scared of the crazy to being excited about it.  We are waiting for the application to come, recommendations for the agency to do our home study, and sending information off for preparation of our dossier.  parallel tracks that, God willing, will meet in Ethiopia.

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