Saturday, June 21, 2008


Wow!  Summer is officially here.  Andrew's soccer team lost in the finals at State Cup so they are the #2 team in Massachusetts.  He has been sick since Thursday night.  High fever and sleeping.  Zach is at a soccer tournament today with Jason.  Eliza has not come home from a sleep over.  All is quiet.  We met last night with the social worker.  I am trying to be patient and enjoy the process.  It is a different type of pregnancy but there are definitely similarities.  Pregnancy is a time of discovery.  The questions that the social worker asked where great.  Some were hard to answer but most we had already been asked.  The why's?  I will try and articulate those another day.  Today I want to ask for prayers and tell of the power of prayer.

Yesterday at 10:00 am one of our best friends asked for prayers for his niece, Samantha.  She has CF and has been really sick.  She has been in the hospital for 6 or more months and has been so close to death so many times.  So, at 10 we prayed along with countless others.  They got a call that they had a lung to transplant, yesterday!!!!  As I write, she is in surgery with 20 doctors.  She is by no means over the hump, but it is hope.  If anyone can make it, she can.  She is a fighter, surrounded by a loving and wonderful family.  So please pray for her.

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