Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back from Chicago

We are gearing up for school.  The kids start in two short weeks.  I start Anatomy and Physiology in the first week of September.  I love beginnings.  New friend.  New teacher.  New notebooks.  New information.  New teams.  New hope.  A do-over for anything that you would have done differently.

On the adoption front, I think that we are only waiting for the completion of our home study! We have the second meeting next week and the fourth and final on the 26th.  Then we wait for Debbie's report.  Then that will go to CIS, KSB (foreign dossier), and Gladney.  We have nothing else outstanding.

I have been dreaming of our little one.  It changes from a boy to a girl and back.  Zach thinks that means that it must be both.  We have also fielded some interesting questions.  Most people mean well.  Why not adopt from foster care?  Why adopt and not have a baby?  Why Ethiopia?  We are trying to formulate a tactful way of answering the questions and some of the statements.  Sometimes people look at us like we have two heads.  We are so excited and anxious to get this little one home.  What will be a magnificent day for us will mean something much different for our little one.  He/she will be scared, sad, and alone.  Trying to manage both of these perspectives will be a large job.

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emily said...

Do NOT be impressed! It is the total procrastinator in me that is blogging. Denial, I suppose. :)