Monday, August 25, 2008

Using what we are learning

For the past three months we have been reading and watching adoption books and videos. I took a nutrition class, too. (Okay, that was for the nursing degree that I am pursuing to add to my int'l relations and art history degree that I already have.) It is amazing how the nutrition info will be great for our adopted child. Well the adoption books/videos have been great for parenting the bio kids. When my 16 year old says something in less than a respectful way which seems to be way too frequently, I have been using the Karen Purvis (Connected Child), "Let's try that again and this time with respect." It is driving him crazy but it is working.

J has his SW visit tomorrow. Then we wait for the hard copy which she has promised won't be long. We have the Adoption Health Seminar at Floating Children's Hospital on Wednesday. Then, school starts for all of us the following week. I am grateful for the distractions.  My class for the fall will be Anatomy and Physiology.  Between the kids, my class, and my very part-time job at Williams-Sonoma, I should be sufficiently distracted.


Lori S said...

I can't believe you have a 16 year old who is disrespectful--because mine certainly never is! (o; I'll have to remember your calm and patient response for the future.
My husband has his phd in physiology! He teaches college a&p. Somehow I feel a connection there...

Have fun--I'm more of a math person myself! (o:

Sparkz said...

I loved those video's. I think I used sayings from them for months after. I still work on being proactive b/c I can always get the understanding part, and the firm part but when it comes to the proactive part I need a little work on coming up w/what to say! I guess I have a little time to practice some more though!