Thursday, August 21, 2008

Home study, braces

Our SW came to our home today. We have one more meeting . Next week. Then we are done. I mean done. Then we are waiting on her paper report. We started this process at the beginning of the summer and we are closing it at the en of summer. Then we are simply waiting for the referral. It seems like we have been doing this forever but it really has gone quickly. She does not expect our written to take very long either. There have been times in this process that I have been truly terrified. That is when I have turned to Him. If this is not His plan, then close the door.

On a lighter note, Eliza got her braces off today! Right before school. We really did not care about the timing. It just worked out perfectly.

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QB said...

I'm so happy to see this blog! It's so great! What a beautiful family. Congratulations on being so close to done. I've been thinking about you and meaning to call you. In the mad dash to Ethiopia and the chaos since returning, I've misplaced your phone number. Every time I think about looking it up in the book, or asking Jen, or otherwise figuring it out, a baby starts crying. Please call me if you would like to come over and meet Ruth & Aster. I hope to see you soon.

-Katy Sullivan