Saturday, August 23, 2008

Journal Writing

For a while now I have been writing in a journal. Sometimes it takes on a list quality and sometimes it is deeper. I have been doing yoga now for a while. i was diagnosed with osteopenia (beginning stages of osteoporosis) when I was 32. For a while my doctor wanted me to take a medication. after 6 months of taking it I asked him how many 30 year olds in his practice take it. None. I stopped taking it and took up yoga. A few months ago I was retested for a third time and I no longer am in that category. I am "normal." Yoga is the only thing that I added into my life. Beside the health benefits of it, I love that i have learned to quiet a busy mind.

Yesterday, I started to look at the 8 principles of yoga. They include, prayer, concentration, breathe, and the physical poses, One of the things that yoga tries to get you to recognize is experiencing the moment. I have often said, "we plan, and God laughs." With the exercise of yoga, I have been a bit better at recognizing the moment. Last night, while writing in my journal, Zach curled up with me reading, and I savored the moment. His small blond head. His tan back. He hates reading but was doing it anyway. I do not want to wish the time away. I want to commit moments like this my memory. The practice of yoga also frees my mind of all the "stuff" making me more able to concentrate on the big picture and His plan.

So while we are in the waiting phase, I will be relying heavily on yoga and prayer to keep me grounded and calm. Not necessarily in that order :)

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Sparkz said...

I am not very good at writing in a journal but I love yoga. My mom taught at a workout facility near our house, when I was growing up, so we could go for free as I wanted. I really miss doing it now. I always felt much better after doing it. Thats awesome its working! Congrats. Its amazing what diet and exercise can do- or just exercise. The doctors always want to give medicine though.